• Stephen Amell now has two major wins added to his repertoire as the consequence of making his WWE debut this past summer. The Bolt star got a Slammy Recompense from the WWE on Monday night, in the "Big name Snippet of the Year" classification, for his tremendously advertised go head to head against enemy Stardust.
  • PHOTOSArrow's Stephen Amell Lets Fly With Super Moves in WWE SummerSlam Ring The two-on-two throwdown — which matched Amell with Neville against Stardust and Lord Barrett — broadcast in late August as a major aspect of the current year's SummerSlam occasion. Amid the match, Amell got in a couple of right on time licks and after that later jumped off the top turnbuckle onto Stardust, as the great folks rose triumphant.
  • The following are the victors from the 2015 WWE Slammy Grants: Match of the Year Victor: The Funeral director versus Brock Lesnar at Damnation in a Cell Different Chosen people: John Cena versus Brock Lesnar versus Seth Rollins at Imperial Thunder, Stingvs. Triple H at WrestleMania 31, John Cena versus Kevin Owens at Disposal Chamber,Roman Rules versus Dolph Ziggler versus Kevin Owens versus Alberto Del Rio (Crude, Oct. 26)
  • This Is Magnificent Snippet of the Year Champ: The Stone and Ronda Rousey go up against The Power at WrestleMania 31 Different Chosen people: Brock Lesnar obliterates J&J Security's fresh out of the box new Cadillac (Crude, July 6), Randy Orton's showcase RKO to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31, The Shield powerbombs Randy Orton through a table at WWE Payback, The Divas Upheaval happens as intended (Crude, July 13)
  • Diva of the Year Champ: Nikki Bella Different Chosen people: Paige, Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Naomi Shock Return of the Year Victor: Sting returns, acting like Seth Rollins' statue, and assaults The Planner (Crude, Aug. 24)
  • Different Chosen people: Chris Jericho unites with Roman Rules and Dignitary Ambrose Around evening time of Champions, The Dudley Boyz profit to WWE for (Crude, Aug. 24), Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter come back to WWE at Damnation in a Cell, Evil presence Kane comes back to preventSheamus from trading in for cold hard currency his Cash in the Bank contract and assaults Seth Rollins During the evening of Champions Saint In every last one of Us Victor: John Cena
  • Different Chosen people: Natalya, Roman Rules, Titus O'Neil, Enormous Appear Hotshot of the Year Victor: Seth Rollins Different Chosen people: Whole WWE Hotshot program OMG Stunning Snippet of the Year
  • Victor: Kalisto's Salida del Sol through a step at WWE TLC Different Chosen people: Seth Rollins trades out his Cash in the Bank Contract at WrestleMania 31, Wyatt Family assaults and does The Funeral director at Damnation in a Phone, Brock Lesnar F-5s Michael Cole amid frenzy (Crude, Walk 30), Sheamus trades out his Cash in the Bank Contract at Survivor Arrangement LOL Snippet of the Year Victor: R-Truth for supposing he was in Cash In the Bank
  • Different Chosen people: LOL! Snippet of the Year: Edge and Christian play their kazoos in The New Day's face, The Bushwhackers' WWE Corridor of Distinction discourse, The Miz andDamien Sandow's "Niagara" business, The New Day getting Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to move Breakout Star of the Year Champ: Neville Different Candidates: Kevin Owens, Charlotte, Tyler Breeze, Braun Strowman Competition of the Year Champ: The Funeral director versus Brock Lesnar.
  • Different Candidates: Roman Rules versus Bawl Wyatt, John Cena versus Rusev, Group Bella versus Group B.A.D. versus PCB, Randy Orton versus Seth Rollins Best Unique WWE System Unique Champ: Stone Cool Podcast Different Candidates: Getting things started, Table For 3, WWE 24, Swerved.
  • Betray of the Year Champ: Damien Mizdow takes out The Miz from the Andre the Monster Commemoration Fight Illustrious at WrestleMania Different Chosen people: Jon Stewart costs John Cena the U.S. Title at SummerSlam, Randy Orton turns on Seth Rollins (Crude, Walk 9, 2015), Paige assaults Charlotte and Becky Lynch (Crude, Oct. 26), Stardust turns on Goldust on (Crude, Feb. 16) Amazing Snippet of the Year Victor: Roman Rules levels The Group of Countries and Triple H at WWE TLC Different Chosen people: Seth Rollins breaks John Cena's nose (Crude, July 27), The Funeral director and Brock Lesnar get into a gigantic fight (Crude, July 20), Luke Harper powerbombs Dignitary Ambrose through a stepping stool at WrestleMania 31, Neville's "Cash" jumping crossbody off the stepping stool (Crude, June 11).
  • WWE Label Group of the Year Victor: The Usos Different Chosen people: The New Day, The Prime Time Players, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, The Lucha Winged serpents Best John Cena US Open Test Victor: John Cena versus Cesaro (Crude, July 6) Different Chosen people: John Cena versus Dolph Ziggler (Crude, Oct. 12), John Cena versus Sami Zayn (Crude, Might 4), John Cena versus Senior member Ambrose (Crude, Walk 30), John Cena versus Neville (Crude, Might 11).
  • Hashtag of the Year Victor: #SuplexCity Different Chosen people: #GiveDivasAChance, #SaveTheTables, #AxelMania, #RKOOUTTANOWHERE Big name Snippet of the Year Victor: Stephen Amell jumps onto Stardust at SummerSlam Different Chosen people: The cast of "Escort" presents Zack Ryder (Crude, Might 25), Kevin Owens powerbombs Assault rifle Kelly off the stage (Crude, June 15), Jon Stewart gets included in John Cena's match at SummerSlam, Wayne Rooney slaps Lord Barrett on (Crude, Nov. 9).
  • "Let me know You Didn't Simply Say That" Snippet of the Year Champ: Brock Lesnar coins "Suplex City" at WrestleMania Different Chosen people: Dignitary Ambrose calls Seth Rollins "Justin Bieber" (Crude, Might 25), Seth Rollins calls Johnny Manziel "Johnny Dolt Face" (Crude, June 15), Seth Rollins disses Kane while observing The Power's WrestleMania achievements (Crude, April 6), Paige crown jewels Charlotte's Divas Title festivity can selective uncover that the voting in favor of WWE's 2015 Slammy Grants are presently open! Figure out how to vote here.
  • WWE's 2015 Slammy Honors will be held amid Monday Night Crude will occur Dec. 21 as a piece of WWE Week on USA System — yet the voting in favor of the WWE's rendition of the Oscars, really starts today, Dec. 14 amid Crude — and you can vote through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Amid Crude today evening time, you can vote on online networking for the accompanying 10 classes: WWE Whiz of the Year (each WWE Hotshot on the list is a qualified chosen one surprisingly)
  • WWE Label Group of the Year Hashtag of the Year Big name Snippet of the Year "Let me know You Didn't Simply Say That" Snippet of the Year Best John Cena United States Title Open Test Match of the Year Competition of the Year Betray of the Year Shock Return of the Year.