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  • Tamil Nadu is doing combating one if its most noticeably bad surges in a century as a few sections of the state have been submerged and cut off from crucial supplies. Chennai has been among the most exceedingly bad hit with consistent storm has transformed the capital into a virtual island. The loss of life in the fiasco is more than 280 even as the administration and Military catch to keep the city above water. The downpour in Chennai has not saved the world class either as film stars Kamal Haasan and Siddharth indicated how even the well-off neighborhoods have gone under. Haasan who lives on the rich Eldams Street in Chennai's Teynampet territory. "To depict the circumstance as catastrophic would be putting it mildly. On the off chance that this can happen in Chennai would you be able to envision the predicament of whatever remains of Tamil Nadu?"
  • Prominent South Indian performer Siddharth, who is known in Bollywood for his part in Rang de Basanti and Chashme Baddoor, tweeted photos of the flooding in his home saying, "I am a well-off on-screen character. This is my home. Envision rest of Tamil Nadu". A specified how Twitter clients have been driving the alleviation exertion on the web. From upgrades about the circumstance on ground, to a devoted Google sheet and site to gather all data, online networking has been instrumental is offering Chennai some assistance with getting back on its feet. Be they assembling supplies through crowdsourcing, determining the status of individuals who have lost network or offering sanctuary, the effect of online networking was clear. Much Twitter India has been utilizing hashtags, for example, #ChennaiRainsHelp to accumulate all important data and a few others have been utilizing it to either request help or assist the ones who are in need.
  • Driving the exertion from the front are two famous identities who have gone out in the city and individuals themselves. Performing artist Siddharthand RJ Balaji from Enormous FM 92.7 have become together a group of volunteers to help the general population stranded in Chennai. In an uncommon example of a superstar going out on ground zero, Siddharth and Balaji have done some excellent work by co-tweeting so as to ordinate alleviation exercises in the city out counsel, posting down supplies required and controlling volunteers. They have presented the hashtag #ChennaiMicro for the conveneiicne of getting of packages and giving out other data.
  • As indicated by a report that has been doing the rounds, the Vedalam star has given an astounding 60 Lakh rupees and more than 3500 bed sheets, trying to help the general population of Chennai and Tamil Nadu. It is said that the commitment has originate from Ajith's 'Mohini-Mani Establishment', a non-benefit association, that was built up by the star performing artist numerous years back.
  • It is to be noticed that Ajith's wife Shalini had given away nourishment for more than 400 individuals in Chennai. "We are setting up some crisp and hot nourishment to assist the people in Chennai. We will have the capacity to sustain around 400 or more individuals." "If you are covetous or need to spread support to the hungry. Address: Sri Lalith Mahal, 10 Venkatakrishna road, (opp mandaveli transport station) Mandaveli, Chennai 28. Gotten the message out. It's an awesome chance to give back. ‪#‎chennairains ‪#‎chennairainshelp ‪#‎chennaifloods," she had posted on her interpersonal communication page.‬‬‬
  • Later, she communicated appreciation toward everyone for the response her post got, "All the Sustenance is Given away.. tremendously refreshing only for the Shar Chennai is the most exceedingly awful hit city among locales in Tamil Nadu that have gotten overwhelming precipitation over the recent weeks. With streams flooding above breaking points, water has constantly streamed onto boulevards suffocating homes and rendering thousands destitute. Be that as it may, the soul of the city stays plagued with individuals helping one another out with sustenance and alleviation supplies.
  • While center has stayed on human populace, in the midst of the considerable number of bedlam, it's difficult to envision what pets and road creatures should get going through. Continual of an adaptable situation, the pets are sure to stay inside and the state of road creatures, particularly felines and mutts, is incomprehensible. There is no record of their presence not at all like people. For puppies (pets and boulevards pets), 'Inn for Mutts', a puppy hotel administration in Chennai, acts the hero at this hour why should willing board pooches from Chennai to their Bangaluru office as their Chennai office is broken.
  • The administration, however not free of expense, has offered to help the pets of the individuals why should constrained clear their homes in the midst of seething waters. "We have been getting a great deal trouble calls from pooch proprietors asking for us to board their puppies as they have been advised to clear from their homes," the gathering said on its Facebook page. They will bring back the pooches when the circumstance is under control.
  • With subsiding waters, Chennai city and rural areas on Saturday combat hard to get bits of life however incidental overwhelming downpours undermined to resuscitate the phantom of flooding as lakhs of individuals in the most noticeably awful hit regions confronted intense short supply of essentials including water, force, milk and sustenance things.
  • Discontinuous downpours, every so often substantial, in the city in zones like Kodambakkam, T. Nagar, Adyar and Kotturpuram and rural Tambaram today debilitated to restore the apparition of flooding again however the meteorologist has estimate just light rains for Chennai in the following 24 hours. Overwhelming to substantial downpours have been estimate for south seaside and inside areas and Puducherry. Blood vessel Mount Street and a few other imperative streets were opened for activity on Friday following three days of interruption bringing a slight feeling of regularity as water levels in Adyar and Cooum waterways and different channels descended taking after diminished release of water from Chembarambakkam, Puzhal and Poondi, and Red Slopes streams specking.