Hyderabad Outer Road


  • With an end goal to decrease the successive congested driving conditions in the major blood vessel streets of Hyderabad city, the Legislature of Andhra Pradesh revealed an arrangement to build the External Ring Street (ORR) around the twin urban areas. The ORR is a very much created and arranged street cum zone venture as it enhances both streets and urban settlements around the metropolitan zone. The 159km long ORR surrounds Patancheru – Shamshabad-Hayatnagar-Medchal-Patancheru giving availability to different National Interstates, State Parkways, MDRs and different streets.
  • The Legislature of Andhra Pradesh made another office, Hyderabad Development Passageway Ltd (HGCL), to create and work the ORR venture in Hyderabad under the Organizations Demonstration, 1956 on 26 December 2005. The Legislature of Andhra Pradesh additionally proposed to create 33 spiral streets interfacing the ORR. Out of these, it chose to create six spiral streets. Different parts of the city can be joined with the ORR by means of spiral streets in light of the movement clog. Since the Hyderabad Metropolitan Urban Advancement Power (HMDA) is confronting money related emergency and endeavoring to raise stores for PVNR turnpike, development of the remaining 27 spiral streets has been put on hold for the time being.
  • Around INR7.5bn ($161.49m) is required for finishing the whole 33 spiral streets improvement. The dead line for finishing the development of three spiral streets is December 2010. The development of staying three streets is yet to start. The initial four paths under eight path Stage I, interfacing Gachibouli to Shamshabad, were formally introduced in November 2008. The initiation empowers better availability to Rajiv Gandhi Worldwide Air terminal (RGIA) by means of Narsingi, Andhra Pradesh Police Foundation and Himayatsagar. The staying four paths are yet to be finished. The PV Narasimha Rao (PVNR) Freeway flyover was initiated on 19 October 2009. It was fabricated as a piece of the Stage I of the ORR venture.
  • The Stage IIA will be operational by June 2010. The Stage IIB which will start after fruition of Stage IIA, is focused to be finished by February 2013. The ORR task is being actualized in three stages to be specific Stage I and Stage IIA and Stage IIB. Chip away at the Stage I incorporates development of 4/8 path, 22km freeway, which unites Gachibouli Intersection to Shamshabad NH 7 Intersection by means of Namakrama-guda, ORR join street Intersection and Andhra Pradesh Police Foundation (APPA). The aggregate expense of the Stage I has been evaluated at INR5bn ($107.75m).
  • The PVNR freeway, which associate Sarojinidevi Eye Healing center to Aramgarh Intersection and to Shamshabad Airplane terminal was likewise embraced as a piece of the Stage I. The PVNR Interstate is India's longest 17.2m wide four-path flyover. It has been produced by Hyderabad Metropolitan Improvement Power (HMDA) at an expense of INR6bn ($129.305m). Workers can drive at a velocity of 90-100 kmph on the PVNR freeway, which spares around 30 to 40 minutes of travel time to the Shamshabad airplane terminal (RGIA). It is one of the courses joined with the ORR. The length of the turnpike is 11.63km.
  • The Stage II was split into Stage IIA and Stage IIB. The extent of work in Stage II will incorporate development of a 137km eight-path turnpike. The freeway join Narsingi-Kollur-Patancheru-Medchal-Shameerpet-Peddamberpet-Turkayamjal-Shamshabad. The Stage II will cost around INR25bn ($538.79m). The Administration of Andhra Pradesh acquired a long haul credit of INR5bn ($107.75m) from a consortium of banks including the Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank, Indian Overses Bank, Vijaya Bank and the National Bank of India by selling HUDA's territories. The credit was profited to execute the Stage I.
  • The remaining assets for the whole Stage II were given by Japan Global Participation Organization (JICA). The Administration of India acquired INR41.85bn ($901.93m) from the JICA on 10 Walk 2008 for executing the Stage II of ORR venture effectively. The procurement of the Stage I contract for the ORR initiated in January 2006. The work was isolated into two contract bundles, to be specific Supervision Consultancy contract and Common work contract. The HGCL has chosen the offer of M/s BCEOM – Aarvee (JV) specialists for Eliminate I Supervision Consultancy of those presented by nine consultancy firms. The agreement was worth about INR145.63m ($3.13m)
  • "The work was separated into two contract bundles, in particular Supervision Consultancy contract and Common work contract." The common works of Stage I were isolated into two contract bundles, to be specific Bundle I (0 to 11km) and Bundle II (11 to 24km). Bundle I contract unites Gachibouli to Andhra Pradesh Police Foundation (APPA), while Bundle II joins APPA to Shamshabad. Around ten contract firms have presented their offers for both contract bundles.
  • The Abnormal state Board of trustees, be that as it may, has chosen not to grant both bundles to a solitary firm keeping in mind the end goal to maintain a strategic distance from deferrals in the venture's opportunity scheduels. In view of the most minimal offer, two organizations M/s Company Transstroy OSJC, Russia and M/s Mainland Designing Enterprise, Taiwan were chosen as the first and second least separately in both contract bundles. M/S Company Transstroy was recompensed the Bundle I contract (approx. INR2.197bn or $473.48m) while the Bundle II contract (approx. INR2.950bn or $635.77m) was recompensed to M/S Mainland Designing Enterprise. (C The area obtaining of Stage I was finished and Detail Venture Report (DPR) arrangement was embraced by M/s BCEOM-Aarvee Partners (JV) specialist in December 2005. The joint endeavor (JV) was framed between two building consultancy organizations BCEOM India Pvt. Ltd. what's more, Aarvee Partners, both situated in India.
  • The undertaking got MOEF (Service of Environment and Woodlands) clearances. In April 2006, land obtaining for Stage II was finished. The DPR was finished in August 2006 and contracts were honored in April 2007. The area required for Stage I of the ORR task is 750 sections of land, of which 500 sections of land is private property. Essentially Stage II requires 5,500 sections of land, of which 4,500 sections of land is private area. The Indian government affirmed a remuneration bundle of around INR360.55 m ($7.76m) to the influenced families who were losing their homes in the task improvement. The area for Stage I was gained in 4SDC's, while the Stage II in 3SDC's.
  • Around INR2.5bn ($538.23m) has been affirmed by the Administration of India as pay bundle to families who lost their territories in the Stage II advancement of the ORR venture. The bundle is under dynamic usage. The aggregate private area for the ORR undertaking is procured in seven SDC's. The work under Stage IIA was separated into five contract bundles. Because of deferral in the installment of remuneration to agriculturists, the initiation of Stage IIA development is postponed until December 2009. Right now the work in the middle of Narsingi and Patancheru is, endless supply of which the Pedda Amberpet-to-Shamshabad work will initiate.
  • The 71.3km Stage IIB, which unites Patancheru to Pedda Amberpet by means of Medchal, Shamirpet and Ghatkesar is ordered into six bundles. The development of three spiral streets including Tippu Khan scaffold to Andhra Pradesh Police Institute (APPA), Nanakramguda to Tippu Khan span by means of APPA and Narsingi to APPA have initiated. The work on the outspread street improvement incorporates enlarging the streets to four, six and eight paths. It likewise incorporates development of trails and, focal middle with helping.
  • The External Ring Street is building up a progressed Smart Activity Administration Framework at an expense of INR1.5bn ($323.27m). The new framework is outfitted with Cross-Coupled TVs (CCTV), alarm sytems, climate overhauls and can transmit street mischances data to explorers. HYDERABAD: The urgent External Ring Street (ORR) stretch from Ghatkesar to Pedda Amberpet that gives availability to Warangal and Vijayawada, which was finished over four months back, anticipates green sign from boss clergyman K Chandrasekhar Rao to open it. Strictly when the introduction by the boss priest, Hyderabad Metropolitan Advancement Power (HMDA) is prone to open the stretch for people in general.
  • HMDA composed letters to the state government educating about the fruition of the Ghatkesar-Pedda Amberpet stretch (12 km) couple of months prior in the wake of leading security and burden tests. HMDA is anticipating leeway from the boss pastor to initiate the stretch. HMDA authority told Express that the 12-km stretch was developed at an expense of `299.51 crore with the money related help from Japan Universal Participation Office (JICA).
  • HMDA said that if the stretch is opened for vehicles, they can gather toll charge from the vehicles utilizing the stretch and the same would be used for keeping up the stretch. HMDA had confronted a few obstacles in the finishing of the whole ORR (remaining stretch from Shamirpet to Ghatkesar). The 158-km ORR, for which works started in 2007, saw HMDA missing a few due dates for fruition of the undertaking. The most recent due date is 2016, which incorporates fruition of administration streets also and stretch between Shamirpet to Keesara (10.30 km), couple of remaining streets and intersections, for example, Kandlakoya.
  • Of the aggregate 158 km, HMDA had finished 124 km and opened up the Gachibowli-Shamshabad stretch (Stage I), Pedda Amberpet-Shamshabad stretch, Narsingi-Patancheru stretch and Patancheru-Shamirpet stretch (Stage II-A) for activity since 2009. Shamirpet-Pedda Amberpet stretch (38 km) was taken up in 2010 and it was separated into three bundles that incorporate Shamirpet-Keesara (10.30 km, `195.09 crore), Keesara-Ghatkesar (11 km, `347.84 crore) and Ghatkesar-Pedda Amberpet (12 km, `299.51 crore)
  • Keesara-Ghatkesar stretch is likewise prepared aside from development of Street over Scaffold (Loot) at Ghatkesar by the South Focal Railroad which is going to begin soon. The Railroads has cleared the outlines and once they give line clearances, the work on raising braces will start, HMDA authorities said.