• At the point when Aam Aadmi Party MP Bhagwant Mann won with the most elevated edge from Punjab's Sangrur, numerous attributed it to his online networking effort. On Monday, be that as it may, Mann needed to overcome Tweeple's wrath as a video of him going purportedly intoxicated to a bhog (conclusion) service of the two Sikhs killed amid a dissent against the heresy of Master Granth Sahib in Faridkot became a web sensation on online networking.
  • With Mann being the principle swarm puller at AAP arouses, it was nothing not exactly an upset for the online networking cell of the Congress that made the hashtag #DrunkBhagwantMann, which turned into the top pattern on Twitter on Monday. "We put the video of an intoxicated Bhagwant Mann on the Facebook record of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Advisory group (PPCC) and made the hashtag, #DrunkBhagwantMann pursued from bhog, on Twitter. We additionally transferred it on our WhatsApp bunches at the locale and square levels. Trendinalia India (it maps the patterns on Twitter) tweeted that the first say of #DrunkBhagwantMann that showed up on our timetable was the top inclining point in India," says PPCC's online networking cell director Gurpratap Mann.
  • The Congress Gathering is thinking about a revolting and amazingly open infighting in Punjab. Party boss Partap Singh Bajwa has affirmed an inevitable surrender by Chief Amarinder Singh to the BJP and prompted the Congress High Summon to "demonstrat to him the entryway" for being a "double crosser". Not known for hesitance, the main Maharaja of Punjab and previous boss clergyman has countered by calling Bajwa an "uncouth disappointment". This fracas is deliberately timed on the eve on a declaration about who will lead the gathering in the up and coming state decisions. Keeping up his long-standing assertions against the state party initiative for "fumble", Amarinder Singh, in a meeting for Firstpost, talks about his determination to flex political muscle to save Punjab, and the difficulties ahead.
  • You have reprimanded Rahul Gandhi as a government official, particularly his treatment of Punjab, adulated Sonia Gandhi and Narendra Modi and debilitated to practice your "choices" if bungle of Punjab proceeds. What can one translate from this? In the event that the Congress does not require me, I am not going to kick back and permit the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to catch Punjab. I am going to battle them like the devil, in light of the fact that the AAP is not working in light of a legitimate concern for the basic man as it cases to be doing.
  • In February this year, when the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) cleared the Delhi Get together races wrecking both the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress, it was accepted to be a Delhi-driven wonder with little prospect of being recreated somewhere else. After ten months, with Delhi Boss Clergyman Arvind Kejriwal tucked away in the Restriction positions on the national scene, his gathering has set its sights on Punjab, where Get together surveys are expected in 2017. It helps that the gathering as of now has four Lok Sabha MPs from the state.
  • While numerous are astonished at the high-decibel showy behavior of the continuous political dramatization in Delhi, what with Kejriwal lashing out at Head administrator Narendra Modi and focusing on his most imperative Bureau clergyman, Arun Jaitley, political onlookers say this could be valuable for the AAP as a development to the Punjab surveys. At the AAP's national gathering meeting in Delhi a month ago, Kejriwal advised his gathering associates to concentrate on the Punjab decisions. A hierarchical strategist of the gathering asserts, "For the following one and a half years, we won't be challenging decisions anyplace else; we'll concentrate just on Punjab."
  • For the AAP, Punjab displays a "Delhi-like open door", the strategist clarifies. "Individuals in the state host experimented with both gatherings - the Shiromani Akali Dal and the Congress," he says. "They are completely disappointed and are clamoring for a change." Hostile to incumbency is high for the Parkash Singh Badal government and the Congress is still a separated house - as such, prolific ground for the AAP, given its against defilement position. The AAP's most mainstream face in Punjab, Bhagwant Mann - numerous consider him to be the gathering's boss ecclesiastical applicant - as of late said the gathering would rehash its Delhi execution in Punjab. AAP's Punjab issues in-control Sanjay Singh precluded all discussion from claiming a cooperation in the 2017 decisions, saying the AAP "will challenge every one of the 117 seats".
  • A look at the AAP's authoritative numbers in Punjab in the previous six months demonstrates its developing foot shaped impression: 2.6 million individuals, 1,400 circle in-charges, 39 area in-charges and five gathering specialists doled out to each of the 23,000 surveying corners. Of course, the gathering is utilizing the same framework that procured rich profits for it in Delhi. By separating the Get together portions into little units - zone, area, circle and corner - the gathering plans to connect with the grassroots and support its framework via preparing and instructing each stall laborer.
  • The AAP is likewise preparing for direct open communication with way to-entryway crusades and enormous mobilizes, again taking sign from its Delhi triumph. An enormous open rally is slated for January that would be driven by Kejriwal himself. It's no incident then that Kejriwal has been anticipating himself as a foe to Modi. Party insiders say the AAP needs to profit by the present Delhi political tempest to pick up advances into Punjab. It needs to extend Kejriwal as a casualty - a legit boss priest who was not permitted to work by a force hungry Center goal on ensuring its degenerate pastors. Kejriwal's showmanship before Manish Sisodia's home after the Focal Department of Examination attacked the boss priest's office could discover sensitivity among the Punjab electorate. That Jaitley challenged from Amritsar in the 2014 Lok Sabha races and lost is another variable that could work in the AAP's support.
  • With the Badals (Parkash Singh and his child and vice president priest Sukhbir) and Punjab Congress boss Skipper Amarinder Singh purportedly connected to defilement cases, this tasks the AAP as a trustworthy option in the state. The gathering is additionally anticipated that would highlight its reputation in the Delhi government to reinforce its constituent chances in Punjab. While Kejriwal is liable to hand over the main part of his obligations in Delhi to Sisodia to concentrate on Punjab, he has released reports that he would name Sisodia the CM. By mid-2016, Kejriwal is relied upon to make successive outings to Punjab, yet signs are that the gathering's CM competitor would be somebody from the state.
  • In spite of the AAP's developing ubiquity in Punjab, crevices host created in the get-together's state unit. Two of its four Lok Sabha MPs - Dharamvir Gandhi and Harinder Singh Khalsa - host been suspended by the gathering despite the fact that they keep on speaking to it in Parliament. Gandhi has been vocal about his tension, demonstrating that he would not assume any part in the AAP's Get together survey arrangements. "The gathering's sole point today is to snatch power," he says. "We have a high summon culture and have traded off our establishing standards of changing the governmental issues in the nation." He claims that the gathering is drafting in individuals with questionable certifications from different gatherings in Punjab, trying to win the Get together surveys.
  • In the wake of having enchanted the general population of Delhi with guarantees that impressed them last February in the end for them to feel sold out and swindled, Arvind Kejriwal, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo has turned his regard for Punjab which is slated to go to surveys in two years. As he encourages them on misleading statements and tall guarantees, he is notwithstanding indicating that he may be a contender for the Punjab boss pastor's space, leaving Delhi to his delegate Manish Sisodia. That, if by any stretch of the imagination, will be if AAP wins Punjab which is a lot to anticipate.
  • Wily and astute as he may be, Kejriwal sees an open door in Punjab with the Akali Dal-BJP join confronting intense hostile to incumbency and the Congress in chaos because of genuine infighting, with PCC boss Partap Singh Bajwa and previous boss clergyman Amarinder Singh at blade's drawn. While Delhi-ites are rueing the day they shot him to control with an avalanche win, the general population of Punjab are getting pulled in to the riffraff rouser, gradually yet without a doubt. It was Punjab that gave AAP four Lok Sabha seats while the incipient party experienced a mental blackout in the Lok Sabha races somewhere else. Two of the four, notwithstanding, left Kejriwal when he built the ejection of two AAP stalwarts Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan not long after the resonating win in Delhi.
  • Kejriwal has empowered his Punjab frameworks with an objective of selecting 25 lakh new individuals. The AAP is surely attempting to combine the expert change votes. The gathering is getting support from primarily the feeling creators like NRIs, specialists, legal advisors, educators, scholars, ladies' associations and understudy bodies.