• A 21-year-old young lady in Malwani passed on after an obscure individual set her ablaze in her home. The episode happened on Thursday, and the young lady passed away yesterday in the wake of succumbing to her smolder wounds. Cops suspect that the young lady was assaulted before she was determined to flame by the asserted charged, whose character has not been found out yet. As indicated by cops at the Malwani police headquarters, the perished left her home on fire on Thursday evening, yelling for help. One of her neighbors, a lady, opened the entryway and saw that the young lady was ablaze. She attempted to splash the flares and later took the young lady to the Shatabdi Healing facility. In her announcement to the police at the healing facility, the young lady said that an unshaven man set her ablaze.
  • While the cops were looking the young lady's home, they discovered an utilized condom as a part of the dustbin. On account of the same they think that she could have been assaulted before being determined to flame. They have likewise enlisted an instance of assault in the matter. Local people say, the young lady is made due by her guardians and three siblings. One works at a call focus, while another works at a cell telephone shop, and the most youthful sibling fills in as a ventilate technician. At the season of the occurrence, she was distant from everyone else at home since her siblings were away at work. Her guardians had gone to their local place and were to return today morning. Police sources have said that before the young lady was blazed, no less than four ladies were sitting at the passage of the chawl. In any case, they assert that they didn't see anybody going into the house. A case has been enrolled under IPC Segments 302 (homicide), 376 (assault), 354 (attack or criminal power) and 452 (house-trespass) against obscure persons.
  • A 35-year-old man has been captured for assaulting a three-and-a-half-year-old young lady in Dindoshi. The charged was displayed in court yesterday and has been remanded in police guardianship. A police official at the Dindoshi Police headquarters affirmed the occurrence however declined to unveil the name of the blamed by expressing that it could uncover the character of the casualty. As indicated by police sources, the affirmed denounced is the young lady's neighbor. Upon the arrival of the occurrence, the denounced had welcomed the young lady to his home on the affection of playing with her. The young lady trusted him and went to his home. After the occurrence, when the young lady returned home, her mom detected some unordinary imprints around her genitals. She understood that her little girl had been assaulted, and promptly drew nearer the police.
  • This alienation in the break examination arm of the city police, evidently drove Boss Priest Devendra Fadnavis to request a circumspect enquiry by Extra Boss Secretary (Home) Bakshi. The Wrongdoing Branch communicated its astonished over the way the case was truly commandeered by the chief's. In ordinary course, this case would have arrived up in Kulkarni's lap inside of a couple of days. This is done to keep the police headquarters free from the weight of multifaceted examinations to care for typical peace obligations. This tradition was unmistakably disregarded in the Sheena Bora homicide case.
  • Rather, Maria took individual enthusiasm for grilling the prime charged at the Khar police headquarters thrice. Bakshi informed the CM over the progressing examination in the Sheena Bora case and the everyday contribution of the police magistrate. Taking after the careful enquiry, which need not have been attentive at all considering that Maria was making no bones of the way that he had assumed control over this case, the boss clergyman scolded Maria, roundaboutly, obviously, that he wished the police took such enthusiasm for illuminating all wrongdoings. His precise words: "Police have demonstrated a ton of contribution and consideration for a situation which is in the media spotlight. It ought to give careful consideration to different cases which don't get media center," Fadnavis had told the media.
  • Such was the level of disillusionment at the top echelons of the administration that the Boss Priest chose to update the post of Mumbai Police Chief to the rank of Executive General from that of Extra Chief General. This was important to get Ahmed Javed, as of now a DGP, to supplant Maria, who himself was elevated to the rank of DG to encourage his exchange to DG Home Gatekeepers. Through this agitate, Maria was unconscious of the coming tempest. He became acquainted with just when the CM marked the requests, as reported by The Quint, just before leaving for Japan on Tuesday morning.
  • Maria, had taken undue and intense enthusiasm for the Sheena Bora case, and had himself cross examined the blamed including Indrani Mukerjea and Sanjeev Khanna, which was bizarre. As NDTV report said, Maria was additionally routinely holding question and answer sessions about the case in spite of not having given any meeting since he was made Mumbai Police boss. Maria was at any rate expected to be advanced and conveyed of Mumbai on September 30. Abridging his term only 22 days before culmination was obvious that it had an inseparable tie to the way he took care of the Sheena Bora case.
  • Be that as it may, having felled Maria in one speedy scope, there were some poor endeavors at harm control. Late at night, Extra Secretary Bakshi said: "There was no rush in exchanging Maria. It would have been wrong to exchange him on 30 September, amidst the merry season as Ganapati celebration, an essential occasion in Maharashtra would be on around then. Along these lines, we chose to propel the advancement of Maria," he said. Poor as well as absurd when Bakshi said that Maria would keep on heading the Sheena Bora test regardless of the exchange.
  • POLICE Investigator Kalpana Gadekar's work area at the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) digital police headquarters is secured with research material. The pages — all in authority ink — will frame some portion of a few chargesheets. Among the cases are a personality wrongdoing in which a man made a fake profile on Facebook for the sake of a lady to slander her, a bank extortion in which Romanian nationals joined skimmers to ATMs, and the enormous catch of individuals who hoodwinked individuals on the affection of getting so as to give them employments their information from online entrances. While Gadekar, who examined the Jiah Khan abetment to suicide case before it was exchanged to the CBI, has had help from youngsters to accumulate the chargesheets, there are reasons for alarm on the off chance that she would recollect the complex specialized points of interest of the case that guard legal advisors tend to stick on to. The apprehensions are legitimate.
  • She is right now the researching officer (IO) in 100 cases (30 cases from a year ago) at the digital police headquarters. Three work spaces to one side, controller Ravi Sardesai, an old hand at taking care of digital wrongdoings, additionally bears the same cross — both are IOs of about 100 cases each, a number stunning even by the skewed measuring stick by which the almost 55,000-in number overburdened Mumbai Police works. Monitor level officers have grumbled of overabundance work when they are IOs of more than 15 cases at once. Gadekar and Sardesai are likely the busiest officers in the Mumbai Police.
  • According to Segment 78 of the Data Innovation (IT) Act, just an officer of the rank of police overseer (PI) — prior a collaborator official of police — or above can test a situation where segments of the IT Demonstration have been conjured to forestall abuse of the Demonstration. The BKC digital police headquarters at present has three PI-level officers or more — Gadekar, Sardesai and senior PI Sudhir Mahadik. This still was not an impediment till recently when the digital police headquarters would just acknowledge applications much of the time and enlist FIRs in a couple cases refering to restricted labor. In 2013, there were 40 FIRs during that time and a year ago it was around 60, which worked out to a most extreme of 15-20 cases for each of the three IOs.
  • This year, then again, said an IPS officer, keeping in mind the end goal to depict the real workload experienced by the digital police to get endorsement for enlisting more men, combined with the feedback of them not enrolling FIRs, they chose to enlist FIRs in all grumblings. Therefore, the count of FIRs went up quickly. Extra Chief of Police (Wrongdoing) K M Prasanna said the BKC digital police headquarters had enlisted 208 FIRs till November 15 this year, almost five times the 2013 figure and more than three times the FIRs enrolled in 2014. "For the present year, the three officers have about 70 cases each, other than 30 each from a year ago… ," he said. Sources said the majority of the cases had Gadekar and Sardesai as IOs because of extra obligations on their senior Mahadik. Keeping in mind the end goal to handle this issue, the Mumbai Police sent a suggestion not long ago requesting alteration to Segment 78 of the IT Demonstration and permit officers of police sub-investigator (PSI) rank or more to test cases. The digital police headquarters has three PSIs, eight APIs, which combined with the three PIs, will take the tally of officers to 14 rather than three if the proposition.