• Miguel Cotto versus Canelo Alvarez happens on Saturday night in a session that guarantees to be an awesome one, and is the sort of battle boxing needs a greater amount of. The battle happens from Mandalay Sound in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a planned begin time of 9 p.m. ET. A battle card with all the under card battles can be seen underneath, and the sessions can be viewed on television on HBO PPV, or online through live stream by means of the connection beneath. Alvarez comes into today evening time's super session with a 45-1-1 record with 32 thump outs, making him one of the most grounded and energizing boxers out there. The Mexican power puncher has rapidly gotten to be a standout amongst the most taken after boxers of the present time, and is one of the brightest stars of the boxing scene right now.
  • In the event that he can pick up a win today against one of the greatest figures in the Middleweight division it will push Alvarez to another level, notwithstanding, Miguel Cotto won't be upset by today's conflict, and will be sure he has the experience and instruments to take care of business. Cotto himself has a record of 40-4, yet has only three knockouts. The Puerto Rican boxer should be putting his WBC belt on hold throughout today's battle, yet that was questionably stripped far from him not long ago days before the session in light of the fact that he had neglected to pay the authorizing charge required.
  • That has added further intrigue and interest to today's battle, and has guaranteed this session has gotten wide consideration among committed boxing fans and in addition periphery fans. That is all uplifting news for HBO, which will be running the PPV of today evening time's battle, and the more fans are discussing the headliner the better for them, and apparently to box.
  • Regardless, fans will be assuming that the two contenders both pass on, just as they both work at their potential then this should be an astounding match up. Besides, in a period where magnificent boxing sessions and conflicts give off an impression of being few and far between, an amazing match up here would reignite a lot of excitement for the amusement. Fans have been sitting tight a long time for this session, and both boxers has conveyed sureness that they will be the one standing fruitful toward the end of today night time's fight, then again, there can be one and just victor.
  • Today's immense securing match between Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez has a booked fight card start time of 9 p.m. ET, and can be seen on TV on HBO PPV, online through BoxNation by clicking here, or through free live stream by clicking here. The full under fight card can be seen underneath: Takashi Miura vs.Francisco Vargas, for Miura's WBC junior lightweight title Guillermo Rigondeaux versus Drian Francisco, junior featherweights Jayson Velez versus Ronny Rios, featherweights Randy Caballero versus Lee Haskins, for Caballero's IBF bantamweight title
  • What a finishing! Toe-to-toe action shape the opening ringer as both contenders go for the knockout. Cotto shook hard with a left catch at an early stage, yet he flares back and moves Canelo in opposite – his best punch of the night. The warriors in the midst of the ring as the gathering watches from their feet. Canelo landing more punches here, three times the same number of as demonstrated by CompuBox. Essentially irritating stuff both ways. I've scored the twelfth and the fight to Canelo, yet the main thing that is essential is the thing that the judges think. Power scores in a matter of seconds. Canelo lands a low leave behind the authority, drawing boos from the Boricuans in the gathering. Canelo discovering the harder, more vital blows continues being the refinement in the fight, yet Cotto did what's vital that round with improvement and the hit to win it. A conventional skip back round for the Puerto RIcan anyway he's going to need something unprecedented these last two rounds to win.
  • Through eight rounds Cotto has landed 48 of 176 punches (27%) contrasted with 68 of 166 for Canelo (41%). Canelo truly going ahead solid here in the center rounds and the ninth is the same. Cotto triples up the punch, interfacing with a couple to score and keep Canelo under control, however Canelo is traversing and landing force shots. A major uppercut there from Canelo, however Cotto reacts with a pleasantly set snare. He's scoring and Canelo seems as though he may begin. Another round to Canelo yet it was a nearby one. The group is whipped into a free for all through a round with enraged two-way activity. Grasping stuff, yet not useful for Cotto, who needs to continue confining and abstain from being dragged to a slugfest. Canelo with a snare, Canelo with a tricky uppercut that moves Cotto. The champion is getting his shots in however doubtlessly who's getting the most noticeably bad of the trades. A whirlwind of awful shots to the head and body from Canelo, yet Cotto is not calling it quits. A bona fide round of the year applicant.
  • A right hand from Canelo snaps Cotto's head back, however he reacts with a couple of shots to the body. Cotto keeps on attempting and outbox the more youthful, more grounded challenger. Canelo misses and Cotto counters perfectly. Another left snare by Cotto, yet Canelo flames back with a rebuffing right uppercut. The round goes to Canelo as Cotto made tracks in an opposite direction from the hit there. Activity warming up in the 6th as Canelo group and weight Cotto and toss with more prominent recurrence. Each punch of Cannelo's that associate terrains with a crash perceptible from the six columns off the ring. Cotto is not withdrawing, but rather can't abandon the body assault regardless of the possibility that he's yet to make sense of an approach to arrive that trademark left down the stairs with any consistency. Canelo with a left uppercut took after by a straight right. Again the Mexican handled the harder shots, however Cotto scored enough with that punch that round to scratch it. Indeed, even battle through six.
  • The Wi-Fi association at the Mandalay Straight Occasions Center smashed just before the opening ringer and was restored exactly toward the end of the four round. We'll compress here. A sorry learning about procedure right on time as every warrior stacked up on his shots amidst the ring, yet after the introductory trades both men have been generally moderate. The fourth was Cotto's best round: he's been putting forth a valiant effort when he adheres to utilizing the hit. An even battle so far through four rounds. To begin with and fourth to Cotto, second and third to Canelo. WITH seven world titles between them, Miguel Cotto and Saul Canelo Alvarez battle for the empty WBC middleweight title. It's been charged as a megafight you can't miss.
  • Canelo Alvarez (45-1-1, 32 KOs) and Miguel Cotto (40-4, 33 KOs) do fight at Mandalay Narrows in Las Vegas from 1pm (EDT) on Sunday. This battle takes care of business similar to the greatest battle in boxing this year and the greatest battle in the historical backdrop of the well known Puerto Rico versus Mexico contention. Canelo is a Mexican icon. Cotto is a Puerto Rican legend. Cotto has won his last three sessions, including a predominant fourth-round knockout of Australian Daniel Geale. Alvarez has been similarly noteworthy, winning his last three battles since his misfortune to Floyd Mayweathe