• How it would feel to be at a spot where Master Nanak Dev Ji (first Master of Sikh) had put in 14 years of his life. You will feel honored. Sultanpur Lodhi in locale Kapurthala of Punjab is one such place where you can encounter this. Master Nanak Dev ji used to work here at the Nawab's stock store. Sultanpur is likewise a standout amongst the most antiquated urban communities in India which was built up in the first century Promotion. Likewise from the first to sixth century Commercial, Sultanpur Lodhi was a conspicuous spot for contemplation.
  • Buddhism was at its statures in Sultanpur Lodhi amid that period. Later when Mahmud of Ghazni attacked the city he requested to smolder the city (prior named Sarwmanpur) to fiery debris, as it was a position of Hindu Buddhism. Numerous holy people every now and then went to the city thus it was likewise known by the name 'Perran Puri' which signifies 'city of ministers'. Sultanpur Lodhi is one of the urban communities in Punjab which is the most identified with Master Nanak Dev Ji. There are numerous noticeable chronicled Gurudwaras at Sultanpur Lodhi committed to Master Nanak Dev ji and his sister Bebe Nanki Ji.
  • Celebrated Gurudwaras Gurudwara Ber Sahib This is the principle gurudwara at Sultanpur which is situated on the bank of Kali Bein (a stream). Ber Sahibis the spot where Master Nanak Dev ji used to think under a Ber tree after his morning abulution in the Kali Bein (Zizyphus jujube). This Beri tree is still present in the Gurudwara, which is green and bears organic products. Enthusiasts sit under the Ber tree and listen to kirtan. It is said that at this spot Master Nanak had direct correspondence with the Celestial.
  • One morning while doing his morning ablutions, Master ji vanished in the Bein and returned at a spot 2 km away upstream. The principal words he expressed were 'Nobody is Hindu. Nobody is Musalman'. I have been to the Gurudwara Ber Sahib numerous a times and every time it feels like you have come to meet Master Nanak Dev Ji. You feel a genuine feelings of serenity. Every year Master Nanak Dev ji's birthday is commended and a reasonable is held which is gone to by substantial number of lovers.
  • Master Nanak Dev ji filled in as a bookkeeper for Nawab Daulat Khan Lodhi at Sultanpur Lodhi. Gurudwara Shree Hatt Sahib is based on the spot where Master ji used to work for the Nawab. One can see the measuring weights (stones) utilized by Master Nanak Dev ji. These are in plain view in a glass bureau inside the gurudwara. While working for the Nawab, some awful individuals who were desirous of Master ji made a grumbling to the Nawab that Master Nanak Dev ji was taking from the store's stock. Master ji on the requests of Nawab was briefly imprisoned at this set. Later on when the stock was checked it was found that everything was in place and was infact making a profit.The Nawab apologized and offered an advancement which was declined by Master ji.
  • Gurudwara Shree Master Ka Bagh is at a spot which used to be the home of Master Nanak Dev ji. It is the same spot where his two children Baba Sri Chand and Baba Lakhmi Chand were conceived. A well from that time is additionally present, whose water was utilized for cooking the langar.
  • Gurudwara Shree Sant Ghat is on the bank of the Bein and is based on the spot from where Master ji reemerged following 2 days. It was from a spot close Gururdwara Ber Sahib that Master ji had vanished in the Bein and returned at Gurudwara Shree Sant Ghat. He gave a 'Mool mantar' to the whole world in the wake of leaving the Bein. This is the spot where Master ji used to think and from here he had left Sultanpur Lodhi to serve the world.
  • While staying at Sultanpur Lodhi, one day Master ji was asked by a Muslim whether he was Hindu master or Muslim master? To this he answered that he was normal to every one of them. At that point they requested that master ji offer namaz at a close-by mosque, Master ji went there keeping in mind everybody was putting forth Namaz, Master ji stood straight. Everybody who saw this got exceptionally furious and asked Master Ji for what reason he didn't bow down amid the namaz. Master ji said that nobody was genuinely offering requests to God, the Nawab was considering getting steeds from Kandhar and the minister was pondering the new conceived female calf at home and was concerned that it may fall into the well. Since everybody was just physically show, so was he. Everybody was astonished by this and said that he has heavenly powers. This is the place the Gurudwara Shree Antarymata has been built.
  • Bebe Nanki Ji was the senior sister of Master ji and this gurudwara was assembled amid the 1970s in her memory. The Town has a populace of around 50,000 generally Hindu and Sikhs, rehearsing different callings. The number of inhabitants in the town turns out to be twofold on each celebration. Its zone is around 4 square miles. It is 26 miles from Jalandhar and 17 miles from Kapurthala.
  • Sultanpur Lodhi was established by Sultan Khan Lodhi a General (Faujdar) of Mahmud of Gazni, in the eleventh Century A.D. It was named after its organizer as Sultanpur and it has likewise been said in en-an Akbari. It is arranged on the left bank of a creek, called Kali Bein around 6 miles over the conjunction of Beas and Sutlej. Amid the season of Sikandar Lodhi, the well known Sultan of Delhi, Sultanpur was endowed to Nawab Daulat Khan of Lahore.
  • He gave another scene to nature of this town and transformed it into a Nakhilstan ( Green Patch) and Playhunt ( Shikargah)- The town itself was reconstructed by him. As it lay on the Fabulous Trunk Street, running from Delhi to Lahore, it prospered as an extraordinary business focus. Other than it was an incredible focal point of Muslim method for Training also. Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb, children of the Head Shah Jahan, are said to have gotten their advanced education at the college of Sultanpur. It kept up its position as a focal point of Muslim society amid the Moghal Administration.
  • After the fall of the Moghals, the Sikh Boss set up their dominion over different parts of the Punjab Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia established the realm of Kapurthala and made Kapurthala as his capital. It was left to his successor Sardar Fateh Singh to add this memorable town of Sultanpur to the condition of Kapurthala in 1777. It has remained a piece of the Condition of Kapurthala until 1951 A.D. at the point when Kapurthala turned into a region of Pepsu. It is presently a sub division of Kapurthala.
  • It is a vital railroad station on the Jalandhar-Ferozepore Rail line and its surroundings hold of a decent traveler spot. GURUDWARA SHRI BER SAHIB is arranged in the Sultanpur lodhi town of Kapurthala Distt. Master NANAK DEV JI used to clean up in Bein waterway and after that Reflect. Master SAHIB stayed here for a long time 9 months and 13 days. While Washing here one day in Bein Waterway Master SAHIB vanished and was missing and returned following three days at the spot where GURUDWARA SHRI SANTGHAT SAHIB is arranged. After returning enlightned Master SAHIB started his liflong mission of lecturing Sikhism. Master NANAK DEV ji planted a Ber Tree on this spot which has developed into a large tree.