• In front of the German Fabulous Prix prior in the month, Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg drove two noteworthy Fantastic Prix autos around the old Nordschleife. Hamilton drove the 1938 Mercedes W154 initially kept an eye on by Rudof Caracciola, the driver for whom the Green Damnation's famous "Karussell" turn was named. Mercedes was sufficiently thoughtful to stick a GoPro in favor of Lewis' protective cap, and we get the opportunity to ride locally available and wonder what it probably been similar to race this auto with its unimaginably thin tires and 475 hp supercharged 3.0-liter V12, hindered just by drum brakes, and with 111 gallons of very strong methanol fuel. AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURER
  • Did I specify the H design in the gearbox is switched, the brake pedal is on the privilege, and the gas in the center? As Hamilton notice, "There is a genuine probability of hitting the wrong pedal here!" Nico Rosberg was in the other auto, which simply happens to be a 1954 W196 like the one now holding the record as the most costly auto ever sold at closeout, when it changed hands for near $30 million a week ago.
  • Energetic hybrids are odd things. Despite the fact that a great many people have now relinquished the affectation that these machines will ever go rough terrain, regardless it appears to be enigmatically unnatural for something so high off of the ground to be going quick, particularly around corners. So if the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE Car (which is not a roadster by any means, it's a four-entryway hybrid) was fabricated by whatever other organization, that organization may battle to persuade anybody to consider it energetic. In any case, Mercedes-Benz does not have this issue, on the grounds that Mercedes-Benz can simply call Lewis Hamilton.
  • The supreme Equation 1 best on the planet won the last season in the driver's seat of a Mercedes, and now he's in a commercial, letting us know that the GLE Roadster is sufficiently lively to fulfill even his unnaturally exclusive expectations for energy. This is presumably somewhat of a stretch, however it's a long way from being the most foolish case to have ever been made in a promotion, and Hamilton's driving (accepting that it is Hamilton driving, yet it would be really odd in the event that it wasn't) benefits work of flaunting how well the auto can deal with when pushed.
  • Taking after the mark of the business concurrence with FOM this week by Mercedes-Benz, the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Recipe One Group is satisfied to report that Lewis Hamilton has consented to a three-year arrangement to race for the group from the 2013 Equation One season. Lewis' vocation has been bolstered by Mercedes-Benz and McLaren since its most punctual days. In 2000, he and Nico Rosberg were colleagues at in Recipe A karting. Lewis drove with Mercedes-Benz motors amid his two seasons in the Recipe 3 Euroseries, winning the 2005 title, and each one of his 104 Equation One begins so far have been controlled by the three-pointed star. Lewis is one of four drivers, alongside Juan Manuel Fangio, Mika Häkkinen and Jenson Catch, to have won the Equation One big showdown with Mercedes-Benz power.
  • With 20 Equation One triumphs, he is equivalent with Mika Häkkinen as the best Mercedes-Benz Recipe One driver. The enlistment of the 2008 title holder denote the begin of another section for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Equation One Group. Lewis will supplant Michael Schumacher, who has contributed essentially to the improvement of the Silver Bolts works group in the course of recent years. Amid this time, the group accomplished the point of reference of the first triumph of the present day period for a works Silver Bolt, when Nico Rosberg won the current year's Chinese Fantastic Prix, and has scored five further platform completions to date. The enrollment of the 2008 best on the planet denote the begin of another section for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Recipe One Group.
  • Lewis will supplant Michael Schumacher, who has contributed altogether to the improvement of the Silver Bolts works group in the course of recent years. Amid this time, the group accomplished the development of the first triumph of the advanced time for a works Silver Bolt, when Nico Rosberg won the current year's Chinese Excellent Prix, and has scored five further platform completions to date.
  • In parallel, Mercedes-Benz has put set up the right specialized structure and given the group in Brackley and Brixworth the apparatuses it needs to accomplish long haul, solid achievement in Recipe One. Sooner rather than later, three-time best on the planet Niki Lauda will likewise convey his broad experience to the part of non-official executive of the group's top managerial staff, further strengthening the quality inside and out at MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS. The marking of Lewis Hamilton finishes the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver line-up for the 2013 season nearby Nico Rosberg. Nico won his first Fantastic Prix this year in China and will enter his fourth season with our group.
  • Michael Schumacher "I have had three pleasant years with the group which sadly did not go and additionally we all would have needed on the wearing side. I wish Lewis well and for the group to make the progress we worked so hard for in the development. I might want to thank the group for their trust and every one of the folks for their unequivocal responsibility. I will now focus on the following races."
  • Lewis Hamilton "It is presently time for me to tackle a crisp test and I am extremely eager to start another part hustling for the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Equation One Group. Mercedes-Benz has such a unimaginable legacy in motorsport, alongside an energy for winning which I share".
  • "Together, we can develop and adapt to present circumstances. I trust that I can direct the Silver Bolts to the top and accomplish our joint desire of winning the big showdowns." Ross Sturdiness, Group Chief - MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS "For MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS, I might above all else want to express gratitude toward Michael Schumacher for the imperative commitment he has made to the development of our group in the course of the last three seasons. His vitality and responsibility have never faltered, notwithstanding when results have not coordinated our own desires, and we are resolved to complete the 2012 season together on a high. As usual, it has been a joy to work with Michael".
  • "Looking ahead to 2013, I am enchanted to welcome Lewis Hamilton to our group. The entry of a driver of Lewis' bore is a demonstration of the remaining of Mercedes-Benz in Equation One and I am pleased that Lewis shares our vision and desire for the achievement of the Silver Bolts. I trust that the mix of Lewis and Nico will be the most dynamic and energizing matching on the lattice one year from now, and I am anticipating what we can accomplish together".
  • "In the course of recent years, we have been putting set up the establishments and building hinders that are expected to contend frequently for the big showdown. In the background, we have collected a group that is in fact more grounded, more experienced and better resourced, because of the backing of PETRONAS and the greater part of our faithful group accomplices. The potential is currently there to coordinate whatever other group on the lattice, which is the base standard for a Mercedes-Benz works group. Our errand is currently to make an interpretation of that potential into on-track execution for next season and past."
  • Norbert Haug, VP - Mercedes-Benz Motorsport "Mercedes-Benz has upheld Lewis all through his vocation, from karting, to Recipe 3, to our effective organization with McLaren, and it will be an extremely decent minute for every one of us in the group to see him in the driver's seat of a works Silver Bolt next season, following in the convention of English Mercedes-Benz Stupendous Prix drivers Sir Stirling Greenery and Richard Sailor".
  • "Obviously, it takes an incredible driver to supplant such a fanciful and effective one as Michael Schumacher. In the course of recent years, Michael has been an extraordinary driver and an excellent minister for MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS. His experience has been an imperative variable in controlling the advancement of our group in Brackley and we extend our genuine on account of Michael for his dependability, cooperative effort and duty. We will be working hard together with a specific end goal to accomplish the most ideal results in the rest of the 2012 season.
  • "The focal assignment of any dashing group is to convey an auto that permits the drivers to completely express their gifts. In the 52 races for our works group, we have accomplished various imperative turning points, including a memorable triumph for Nico Rosberg in China this year. We realize that it is presently time to make the following stride, with a specific end goal to convey reliable front-running exhibitions in the convention of the Silver.