• After dissents from different quarters, the Congress-drove Kerala government Monday night put on hold its request limiting the "artistic, imaginative, scholastic and social exercises" of government workers. CM Oommen Chandy has asked the state boss secretary to investigate the issue. According to the November 11 request, state government representatives need to acquire earlier consent and present an affirmation expressing that there is no benefit thought process behind their artistic or social action. The request said consent would be conceded strictly when investigating the value of every application.
  • The confinement, it said, would cover exploration and scholarly works of government staff. It likewise kept representatives from partaking in television syndicated programs without former consent from the powers concerned. A commonly beautiful and fundamentally unique way to deal with religion, as contemporary science deciphers it. It is uncommon to discover a book that covers so wide a scope of experimental ways to deal with religion, and Grassie does as such without falling prey to reductionism of either the logical or the philosophical sorts. An amazing accomplishment."
  • Wesley J. Wildman, Partner Teacher of Rationality, Religious philosophy, and Morals, Boston College and the Organization for the Bio-Social Investigation of Religion "Grassie's new book is a convenient and quite required commitment to religious grant. The creator presents a solid defense that different logical methodologies may add to the comprehension of religion however that experimental cases to have completely lit up religions have been extensively exaggerated now and again. This work will turn out to be of awesome quality for researchers of religion and in addition for thinkers, researchers, understudies, and other instructed perusers. Unequivocally prescribed."
  • Johh F. Haught, Recognized Exploration Educator and Senior Individual of Science and Religion, Georgetown College "The noteworthiness of this work lies in the way that it unites in one available volume important investigative materials that are extremely forward, materials that have not until now been gathered in a solitary work, and it relates those materials to the significant inquiries concerning the investigation of religion - both truly and in contemporary times. Moreover, it draws in its perusers with an innovative arrangement of recommendations for comprehending the mass of material it reviews. They empower the peruser (counting this peruser) to proceed onward to further study and reflection."
  • Philip Hefner, Educator of Philosophy Emeritus, Lutheran School of Religious philosophy at Chicago; past proofreader of Zygon: Diary of Religion and Science "Grassie rises above the present clash in the middle of religion and science to shape another combination that offers most extreme backing to both societies (in the expressions of C.P. Snow). No present work has succeeded in this compromise and, given Grassie's experience both as far as scholarly preparing and background, nobody of whom I know is more qualified to succeed. Not at all like prevoious endeavors of this greatness, Grassie saves instead of refutes the free self-governance of customary religions. It is a contention I will be glad to support both in light of the fact that it appears to be correct and on the grounds that it not the slightest bit bargains my dedication to Judaism. In actuality, it improves that dedication."
  • Norbert Samuelson, Harold and Jean Grossman Seat of Jewish Learns at Arizona State College "From his experience driving Metanexus, Grassie has long been in a special position to see (and some of the time to see through) what different sciences have been guaranteeing when they endeavor to clarify (perhaps attempting to clarify away) religious conviction. From outside in and from base up, completely, he is very certain footed in keeping the dialog open or, as he says, "practical." Religions can be advanced by sciences; sciences can stay open to the bits of knowledge of confidence.
  • The New Sciences of Religion is an essential examination of new consistent investigation on religious and powerful ponders. William Grassie takes a two-sorted out phenomenological approach working from the "outside in" and the "base up" without privileging toward the begin any religious traditions or philosophical assumptions. Using bits of learning from budgetary matters, formative cerebrum look into, the neurosciences, and pharmaceutical, Grassie develops a confounding and multifaceted understanding of religion as possibly commonsense and softened up specific settings, differentially so for individuals and gathering.
  • The New Sciences of Religion then asks what in religion and deep sense of being may likewise be genuine and significant when our got customs are reinterpreted in light of contemporary sciences. As opposed to the New Skeptics, Grassie contends for an idea of God-by-whatever-name that is completely good with contemporary science and the reinterpretation of conventional religions. At last, there is no stupendous brought together hypothesis of religion and none of the numerous logical clarifications of religion block that religions have intuited, experienced, and found genuine and significant bits of knowledge into the way of extreme reality and human presence. This is a unique and convincing exploratory elucidation of religion furthermore a religious translation of science that will test and pleasure understudies and researchers alike. Enrollment Division is one of the most established office in the state and it touches nationals at all levels eventually or other.
  • The fundamental target of law of enlistment is to give an indisputable verification of validity of report, manage the cost of exposure to exchange, anticipate extortion, bear the cost of office for discovering whether a property has as of now been executed and manage the cost of security of title deeds and office of giving titles on the off chance that the first deeds are lost or destroyed.Registration office at present is the third biggest wellspring of income to the state exchequer, the initial two being deals duty and extract. Enrollment law administers archives instead of exchanges. The official site of the Legislature of Kerala — — was hacked late on Saturday night by programmers suspected to be from Pakistan.
  • The landing page of the hacked site brandished a pic of the national banner being smoldered and the messages "Pakistan Zindabad" and "security is only a dream." The hacked landing page likewise conveys what seems, by all accounts, to be personality of the programmer; "hacked" by Faisal 1337", peruses the hacked landing page, " We are Group Pak Digital Assailant". The Landing page additionally contains the site address
  • Preparatory reports propose that the programmers were not able move beyond the landing page and into the server that has the site. The State Server farm under the Kerala State IT Mission is apparently attempting to restore the site. Directorate of Specialized Instruction is managing all the specialized training exercises in the state. As of now there are 12 Building Schools (9 Govt. Schools and 3 Govt. helped Schools), 49 Polytechnic Universities (43 Govt. Polytechnics and 6 Govt. supported Polytechnics), 3 Expressive arts Universities, 39 Specialized Secondary Schools, 17 Business Establishments and 42 Customizing and Piece of clothing Making Focuses working everywhere throughout the state, under the control of the Directorate. Notwithstanding this there are around 150 self financing Designing Universities both in the Govt. furthermore, private segment working in the state.
  • There are two Local Directorates and one Educational modules Improvement Center are working as under the office. A Supervisory Advancement Center and an Industry Organization Association Cell are working for the prosperity of the staff and understudies of the Establishments. There is an Examination Wing working under the division for the behavior of certificate level examinations.
  • The Directorate arranges the different exercises of these foundations, including keeping up the norms of curricular and co-curricular exercises. Different quality certification meassures are being taken up to keep up the nature of specialized training so that the understudies going out of these organizations are broadly acknowledged everywhere throughout the world. Opportunities are being offered to instructors and understudies to connect with the accomplished and master academicians furthermore to visit the different driving instructive establishments everywhere throughout the world. The Directorate guarantees Industry Establishment Communications through different plans so that the real need of great importance can be investigated and educational modules altered to suit the same. Additionally, it sorts out Different group administration exercises, utilizing the offices, experience and ability accessible in the organization.