• Madurai Kamaraj College, is on its tireless adventure for as far back as 48 years surmounting obstacles of indigenous and intriguing nature on its way and has finished through the tests of accreditation towards coming to the status of brilliance. College knows that the procedure of accomplishing perfection is ceaseless and accordingly, all endeavors are in advancement to keep up the force.

  • The College appeared through a bill went in the Authoritative Get together of the State in the year 1965. In this manner, it is a statutory college claimed and subsidized by the Legislature of Tamilnadu and the College Stipends Commission. This College is an individual from Relationship of Indian Colleges and one of the nine colleges in India with a status of College with Potential for Greatness. The present Manonmaniam Sundaranar College, Alagappa College and Mother Theresa College are the off-shoots of Madurai kamaraj College. As on date, it covers four income regions of Madurai, Virudhunagar, Dindugal and Theni for its general scholastic project. At present it holds an aggregate of 77 eminent Divisions and 20 Schools. Notwithstanding the Divisions and Schools, the College has 21 scholarly focuses and 21 semi scholastic strong units. It has 24 self-governing schools, 14 helped schools, 33 self financing universities, 18 endorsed foundations, 4 evening schools, 6 constituent universities and one College School taking into account the advanced education needs of expansive number of understudies from country and urban territories.

  • The Madurai Kamaraj College offers 41 post graduate, 35 M.Phil. what's more, 17 Certificate/P.G. Recognition/Declaration courses in the different divisions. In the blink of an eye, 66 U.G. also, 45 P.G. courses are offered in the associated Universities. At present 2428 understudies and scrutinize researchers are on the roll. As of now more than 163 individual exploration ventures are being did with a cost surpassing 34 Crores. The College has a modernized focal Library with 3 lakhs books, 9,000 e-diaries, 3,000 ebooks, 55,000 reference and course books. The one Gbps web association, INFONET focus with 50 hubs and shrewd classrooms have advanced the ICT empowered showing and learning.

  • Madurai Kamaraj College firmly puts stock in de-unified and participatory administration. As a visionary step, scholarly and managerial self-governance has been conceded to choose Schools. The College has set up linkages with group around through its different effort exercises. The National and Global level availability and perceivability of this College is a pointer that the College is moving from the status of College with Potential for Perfection to the status of College of Greatness. MKU Separation Instruction Degrees are perceived by UGC, New Delhi and qualified for Occupation in Focal and State Governments Madurai Kamaraj College is a Statutory College, set up in 1965 by Govt. of Tamilnadu. It is perceived and financed by UGC and is an individual from Relationship of Indian Colleges. It has been reaccredited by NAAC with grade A.

  • The Directorate of Separation Training of this college was set up in 1971 and has an understudy quality of around 1.20 lakhs. The College is concurred with the status of " College with Potential for Fabulousness " - A status presented by the College Stipends Commission. So far 9 such Colleges in the Nation were granted this status. Tamil Nadu's Madurai Kamaraj College, which has been shut for a month now taking after understudy turmoil, revived its doors on January 3, 2014, however being a Friday just staff individuals turned up on that day. Monday, on the other hand, saw understudies stream in, just to understand that classes had continued just for post-graduates, and not for exploration understudies.

  • The recent have been advised to return after Pongal (January 14). Normally, the exploration understudies took out a challenge rally on Monday around the college grounds, yelling mottos against the administration for 'misleading three understudies, an educator, visitor speaker and an agent', with the PG understudies joining in. A month ago two examination researchers were released and another was exchanged by a syndicate determination of the college, prompting huge scale understudy challenges and the uncertain conclusion of the college. Shockingly, on Monday, the two released understudies, C Pandiarajan and J Arun, were assembled to go to a conference of the syndicate which was on in the college. There they were informed that their own aides, who were available at the meeting, had griped against them, which was the reason the college had made a move against them. Arun's aide, Teacher Selvakumar, and Pandiarajan's aide, Educator R Ramraj, said they couldn't work with them.

  • The two understudies told, "This is another method for disposing of us. There are no different aides in the subject that we have taken. We will need to move to another college." Arun included, "I as of now have a co-guide from ManomaniamSundranarUniversity, Tirunelveli. Presently they are proposing I move there. I won't go there. I am a legitimacy researcher here. I will lose my grant on the off chance that I go from here." Discussing their partner, Eshwari Pandaranayaka, they said, "They didn't call her for talks however regardless of the fact that they settle our issue we won't stop our challenges until she is permitted to proceed with her exploration here." Pandaranayaka, who is polio-tormented in one leg, told, "I had kept in touch with the court of the boss official for persons with inabilities and let him know that I had been tossed out from my inn. On December 17, 2013, the court passed a request that I ought to be given lodging convenience inside of 30 days.

  • "On the off chance that they don't take after the request I will speak to the same court once more. So far I have let them know just about the inn. Presently I will likewise compose and illuminate them about the grant and my wish to proceed here." Eshwari has won the prestigious Kothari association for post-doctoral exploration, which expresses that it ought not be done in the same spot where you do your PhD. She told, "When I connected for the grant they realized that I was going to do it here, My guide arrives, I have as of now been taking a shot at it for seven months here, however now they are finding that I am not permitted to do it here." "At the point when the UGC gave me that grant they realized that I was going to do it here and still offered it to me. The college is misleading me, why I don't have the foggiest idea." Eswari's tutor Teacher Krishnaswamy told, "The understudies won't go to court as then they will say the matter is sub judice and decline to talk. I was evacuated as leader of my area of expertise prior. I have gone to the high court against this choice and the listening to is on January 23."

  • That is by all account not the only lawful inconvenience ahead for the college. Visitor instructor Ramachandran, who was likewise released a month ago to attend expert Tamil gatherings, has moved the high court for re-instatement, and that case is coming up for hearing on January 9. A representative, Parthasarathy, who was suspended a month ago has documented a criminal body of evidence against the bad habit chancellor including for misuse of a timetable position part, which comes up for hearing on January 21.