• A group involving more than 100 authorities of Salary Expense office and security staffs directed assaults on Raipur-based Hira Gathering in more than 13 areas, including Raipur, Bilaspur, and Raigarh. I-T group from Madhya Pradesh, Maharastra and Delhi mutually directed the strikes. The proprietor of the firm surrendered Rs 80 crore of undeclared wage, educated sources. I-T sleuths have constantly been checking the exchanges and discovered the Hira Gathering had made a duty robbery of Rs 500 crore, educated sources.
  • The attacks began in the morning are still in progress; it is yet to be found out that the amount of sum the gathering has surrendered. Source educated, IT sleuths recognized immense measure of unbalanced resource, venture reports which gauges in crores. The proprietor of the gathering Ashok, Sumeet and Vijay Kankaria were spotted extremely tensed amid the attacks and participating principally yet later on the issue was determined. In setting of attacks when the officers were reached they declined to make any remark as the examinations are in progress.
  • Salary Charge Dept strikes power plant of a private firm in Raipur Raipur, July 29 (ANI): The Wage Charge Office on Wednesday led attack on the force plant of a private firm HIRA Gathering in Raipur. The Chief of HIRA Gathering, Vinod Pillai, said that the salary charge officers have struck every one of the workplaces of the firm in different areas. He included that the officers are leading preparatory examination. Kindly make checks payable to "Space to Peruse India Trust". If it's not too much trouble additionally incorporate a note with any uncommon directions that you might want us to take after when handling your gift. On the off chance that you might want an India receipt for expense purposes, please incorporate your contact data including name, address, telephone, and email.
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  • The Chhattisgarh state government built up Raipur Nagar Nigam. Mining commercial enterprises and agribusiness are the fundamental control of the city. Rice is the fundamental product of the Raipur and it is renowned for the broad accessibility of distinctive sorts of coal and minerals. In view of shabby expense of works, the city is a decent area for setting up commercial ventures. Great group administrations are important for such sort of vast scale progressions. The Nagar Nigam of Raipur, a neighborhood body for administration gives the whole fundamental necessity to the subjects of Raipur. The primary elements of the Nagar Nigam are building wellbeing focuses, instructive establishments, schools and occasional upkeep of the houses. Notwithstanding assuming the liability of building fundamental metro base, flyovers, and streets, it is likewise creating recreational focuses, for example, historical centers, group corridors and parks.
  • All the vital Towns of the Area like Bhilai (25 km), Durg(41 km), Jagadalpur (297 Km), {Flight/Train facilities} Rajnandgaon(70 km), Bilaspur (115 km) Jabalpur (369 km) and Bhopal(712 km) are associated with Raipur by Street. Guests can likewise go to Hirakud Dam close Sambalpur and Puri (Orissa) by Street for which Transport Administration is accessible. Raipur offers an appealing altenate Street course to Kanha National Park and enroute the explorer may likewise visit Bhoramdeo as well. The course is Raipur-Kawardha-Bhoramdeo-Bodla-Chilpi-Supkhar-Muddi (178Km).
  • Raipur was established by the Kalchuri Lord Ram Chandra of Raipur last quarter of the fourteenth century Promotion. Presently, Raipur is the Home office of the Region and Division of the same name Midway situated in the recently framed State Chhattisgarh. Raipur is the greatest city of the District and a quick creating vital mechanical focus. The foundation of Stew Steel Plant in the nation has given added force to the pace of improvement of the city.
  • Sirpur or Shripur the city of riches has been said in old epigraphic records and goes back to a periods extending from between the Fifth and the Eighth century A.D. It was then the capital of the Sarbhapuriya and Somvanshi Lords of Dakshin Kosala or Chhattigarh. It was an imperative focus of Buddhist from the sixth the tenth century A.D. also, was gone by Hieun Tsang, the seventh Century Chinese Pilgrimist and Researcher. Unearthings in and around the town have yielded scores of sanctuary destinations built of blocks, stone columns and models, for example, the Shiva Sanctuary of Panchayatan style and the excellent figure of Mahishasuramardini.Two Buddhist religious communities have likewise been found.
  • The Lakshmana Sanctuary found here is a block sanctuary committed to Ruler Vishnu. The sanctuary is the main block sanctuary of its size as yet remaining in this State. The door jamb is of stone and a figure of the leaning back Vishnu on the Sheshnag may be found on the Lintel. This sanctuary was constructed by Vasata, the dowager ruler of Unforgiving Gupta of the Somvansh. Another sanctuary is the GANDHESHESHWARA Sanctuary (earlier Gandharveshvara) and is intriguing as a result of the Epigraphic records and Family history of the Rulers of the Somvansh. Some amazingly great Vaishnav figures are to be found in the Mandapa and a few Jain, Buddhist and Hindu Models have been gathered in the areas of the sanctuary .
  • The most fascinating element of the Sirpur site is that archeological pieces associated with the Shaiv,Vaishnav, Jain and Buddhist religions (of roughly the same age) have been discovered one next to the other. The vestiges are seen on the banks of various tanks existing inside of a span of around 6 kilometers around Sirpur. Raipur Region is arranged in the prolific fields of Chhattisgarh Locale. This Area issituated between 22o 33' N to 21o14'N Scope and 82o 6' to 81o38'E Longtitude. The Region is encompassed by Locale Bilaspur in North, Area Bastar and some portion of Orissa state in South, Region Raigarh and a portion of Orissa state in East and region Durg in West. The locale possesses the south eastern piece of the upper Mahanadi valley and the flanking slopes in the south and the east. Accordingly, the region is separated into two noteworthy physical divisions, Viz., the Chattisgarh plain and the Sloping Regions.