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  • Funnel laying works for supply of Godavari drinking water to the city are going all out and, if all goes according to arrange, inhabitants of encompassing circles of the More prominent Hyderabad Metropolitan Organization (GHMC) may begin profiting from the venture by December, 2013. Alwal would be the first GHMC circle to get Godavari water, which would cross 186 kms from Yellampally (Karimnagar) blast. In this manner, Qutubullapur, Rajendranagar, Kukatpally, Serilingampally, Kapra and Malkajgiri circles and the Secunderabad Cantonment would get Godavari water treated at the Ghanpur uber adjusting supply.

  • On Thursday, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) took mediapersons to Kukunurpally and Mallaram of Medak region (around 100 kms from the city) to demonstrat to them the advancement of the continuous Godavari drinking water venture (Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Hyderabad Sujala Sravanthi Plan).

  • Identifying with newsmen at Mallaram, HMWS&SB chief activities M Satyanarayana said of 186 km length pipeline, the Water Board had pipeline of almost 76 kms. Because of deferral in area securing, the venture was getting postponed. At Mallaram, chips away at the water treatment plant (WTP) with an ability to treat 775 million liters a day (MLD) are going all out. Anticipated that would be finished by June, 2013, the Rs 132-crore Mallaram WTP would be the greatest in the nation superseding Delhi WTP (700 MLD limit).

  • Under the Godavari drinking water undertaking stage I, the HMWS&SB would draw 172 MGD (10 TMC) of water from the Yellampally blast at an expense of Rs 3,375 crore. "We require 1,800 sections of land area for Godavari drinking water task stage I. In this way, we have obtained around 1,600 sections of land and the examinations are one for exchange of the staying 200 sections of land via land securing officers of Medak, Rangareddy and Karimnagar locale. Endeavors are on to secure another 300 sections of land of backwoods area for the undertaking. We have solicited gatherers from three regions to recognize income land in their separate locales in lieu of the woodland land," Satyanarayana said. Admission well works proposed at the Yellampally blast, where pumping of water from Godavari would occur, are likewise going all out. These works are prone to be finished by May, 2013.

  • "According to our arrangement, we are meaning to supply Godavari water to the city by December 2013," the authority answered. The scouring was finished in real extend of Ring Fundamental from Ghanpur Supply at Shameerpet to Quthbullapur Town point at Vani Chemicals, Jeedimetla Mechanical zone. Quthbullapur MLA K.P. Vivekanand went by the area of water scouring point where the turbidity is verging on cleared and prepared for supply to the clients/natives of Quthbullapur zone.

  • The Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) individuals have advised that being the first supply from Godavari Stream to the city in the wake of going of 186 km through principle pipeline and 25 km from Ring Primary, certain turbidity of the pipeline may win even after the scouring the channels at different achievable areas, all things considered they may further channel or purify the water before devouring. (Motel) In five days time, occupants of Hyderabad, Secunderabad and More noteworthy Hyderabad fringe circles will begin accepting water from waterway Godavari.

  • Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) has finished more than 90 for every penny of works, including laying of pipelines and developing administration stores and different works. The authorities are working day and night on the site to supply water, 15 days in front of the timetable, December 15. Despite the fact that the Godavari drinking water venture stage I was intended to supply an aggregate of 172 mgd of water, yet at first, the water board has chosen to supply a fractional 85 mgd of water to a few ranges in the city and four GHMC fringe circles, including Qutubullapur, Kukatpally , Alwal and Patancheru.

  • Water board is wanting to quit drawing of water from Singur and Manjira from De cember 1 onwards as water evels have come to dead stor age. A week ago, Godavari wa er came to Kondapaka in the wake of raveling an aggregate of 125 km rom an admission very much found a Mumble of Karimnagar dis rict (first indicate pump Go davari water in whole drink ng water venture). "On Sunday , the Godavari treated water has come to Ghanpur around 30 km far from the city. From that point, the treated water will reach Shamirpet repository and from that point Go davari water will be supplied through ring principle I and ring fundamental II," said HMWS&SB-di minister operations, G Ramesh war Rao. By November 31, we will supply Godavari water to the city, said the authority. The water board has made exchange courses of action at Ghanpur, where they are building a 150 ML limit of expert adjusting store (MBR), said to be the biggest MBR in the nation for supplying Goda vari water. Exorbitant postponement happened because of woods office's deferral in assigning 50acre woodland land at Ghanpur.

  • Quthbullapur MLA K P Vivekananda went by the area of water scouring point where the turbidity was practically cleared and water was prepared to be supplied to clients/subjects of Quthbullapur territory. Individuals have been forewarned that being the first supply from Godavari stream to the city subsequent to voyaging 186 km through fundamental pipeline and 25 km from Ring Primary, certain turbidity of the pipeline may win even in the wake of scouring funnels at different achievable areas, all things considered they may further channel or clean water before expending.

  • Keeping in mind the end goal to give the required base of water supply to towns inside of the External Ring Street according to measures, Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) has connected with specialists for arrangement of a point by point undertaking report. The board issued a statement of interest (EOI) noticeto forthcoming specialists and the last date for receipt of offers is November 30, 2015. In the interim, nitty gritty examinations were held with "RWS" architects to survey the present water supply status in different towns.

  • "RWS" architects have given existing points of interest of sumps, borewells and water supply dissemination game plans and so forth. Authorities said that in light of these inputs, HMWSSB is working out further points of interest required to meet the late spring possibility and the long haul recommendations for the development of new stores, bay mains and an appropriation system. A Rs 50-crore speculative alternate course of action under the Disaster Help Store and non-CRF parts has been readied to meet the water supply emergency amid the coming summer.