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  • Ten persons, including four youngsters, were killed and 36 harmed when a truck smashed into a tractor conveying a marriage party in Gadag locale on Wednesday. The mishap happened on Mevundi-Dambal Street in Mundaragi taluk of the area. The marriage party had left Dambal and were en route to the mass marriage being held at Kandagallpura in Huvin Hadagali taluk of Bellary locale. On crashing into the truck, the tractor upset catching the travelers inside. An earthmover was utilized to save them.
  • While eight persons, including four offspring of two families were murdered on the spot, two others passed on their approach to doctor's facility. The perished have been recognized as kin Prashanth Tayappa Kengar (6) and Prajawal Tayappa Kengar (1) of Abbigeri town in Ron taluk; Sanajana Gudadappa Sunkammanavar (5) and Sudip Gudadappan Sunkammanavar (6) of Dambal town in Mundaragi taluk; Renuka Holalappa Hadimani (22), Renuka Ningappa Hadimani (26) and Muttappa Mallappa Hadimani (26) of Nagasamudra town of Gadag taluk; Revanappa Ramappa Yallakkanavar (25), an occupant of Gadag; and Annapurna Shankrappa Pujar (35) and Hanamappa Kenchappa Pujar (30) of Mangaluru in Yalburga taluk of Koppal locale. \
  • Director of Police of Gadag region, Sharanappa S.D., told The Hindu that of those harmed in the mischance, 17 who required extra treatment were moved to KIMS Doctor's facility, Hubli. The rest are being dealt with at the region doctor's facility in Gadag, he said. While the driver of the tractor has been harmed, the driver of the truck is slipping away. Provincial Advancement and Panchayat Raj Serve and locale in-control H.K. Patil went to the area healing center in Gadag.
  • Ten individuals, including four kids, were killed and 50 others maintained wounds when the tractor they were going in was hit by a speeding lorry close Mevundi town in Mundaragi taluk, Gadag region, at an opportune time Wednesday. The casualties were inhabitants of Dambal town in Gadag locale and were going, alongside a lady and man of the hour, to go to a mass wedding service at Kandagalpura town in Bellary region.
  • The perished have been distinguished as Prajwal Kengar (2), Prashanth Kengar (6), Anjana Hadimani (5), Sudeep Hadimani (6), Renuka Holiyappa Hadimani (22), Muttappa Hadimani (26), Renuka Ningappa Hadimani (26) Revanappa Yallakkanavar (25), Hanumantappa Pujar (30) and Annapurna Pujar (35). As indicated by police, the mishap occurred when the lorry driver attempted to surpass the tractor and lost control. He smashed into the tractor, which upset and dove into a roadside trench. Eight individuals were slaughtered on the spot, while two others kicked the bucket at the Gadag region healing facility.
  • The harmed are presently recovering in different clinics in Gadag and Hubli. Twenty-six individuals with genuine wounds have been moved to KIMS in Hubli, of which the state of three is said to be basic. The lorry driver is said to be slipping away. Mundaragi police have enlisted a case. Gagadag is one of the area in Karnataka State. Gadag is the regulatory home office of the two urban areas specifically Gadag Locale and Betageri. When we discuss this area instantly we recollect a celebrated name Naranappa who was prevalently known as Kumara Vyasa who created Karnataka Bharata Kathamanjari
  • It is only the epic Mahabharata is composed in Kannada. This awesome essayist was conceived in a town called Koliwada. He composed or formed numerous works sitting before the statue Master Veera Narayana. We discover the sanctuaries of Veera Narayana and Trikuteshwara in this city which are significance of history. There was a visually impaired artist who was known not entire world in particular Ganayogi Panchakshari was from this spot. He had a Music school called Veershwara Punyashrama which was exceptionally celebrated. There are numerous instructive organizations and artistic activites keep running by a Hindu order Veerashaiva of Tontadarya Matha in and around Gadag Region.
  • This city is celebrated for its Printings presses and its nearby city Betageri is renowned for its handloom. There is a platitude about Gadag that on the off chance that you through a stone in this city it would either fall on the printing press or on a handloom. There are exceptionally well known printing presses arrive in this city including Hombali Siblings and Shabadi Math. This city is the home for Hindustani Music in North Karnataka and it is the spot of Pandit Bhimsen Joshi who won Bharat Ratna for his Music and singing. There are numerous celebrated persons who fit in with this established Hindustani custom in particular Shri Huilgol Narayan Rao who was an opportunity contenders, Pandit Puttaraj and surely understand cricketer Sunil Joshi.
  • The region SSK Samaj Board of trustees propelled its arrangement of activity for the region level hierarchical errand. The board of trustees held a meeting at Sree Sahasrarjuna Group Bhavan’s Lakshmansa Habib Meeting Lobby on Sunday, the fourteenth of June, 2015. The new committee’s introduction capacity was led by Gadag SSK Samaj president Prabhu Burbure. Tending to the workplace bearers group association, Prabhu Burbure said that the SSK Community’s understudies, ladies and the unimportant traders’ monetary and instruction strengthening alone can enable the group. He implied that the Panch Boards of trustees additionally require assets to embrace the insightful exercises driving on to the normal social change.
  • Focusing on the need and significance of the region level association of the SSK Group, H.B. Ladwa said that there have been nine Samaj Panchayati Boards in the Gadag area and however they lead the community’s religious and social exercises, they can't help the destitute individuals of the group. The Region Kshatriya Mahasabha President Sreekant Khatwate said that the young people ought to be coordinated and encouraged to wind up instructively solid and capable. Monetary strengthening, he said, will clear path for the solid and sound group.
  • Gadag Samaj’s VP I.M. Mehrwade recommended that a region SSK Monetary establishment ought to be begun on the model of SSK Bank. Betgeri Samaj’s Hon. Secretary G.V. Basava, Nargund Samaj’s secretary Shankar Miskin, Lakshmeshwar Samaj’s president Parasharamsa K, Badi, Mundargi Samaj’s president Ashoksa Shidling, Gajendragad’s Onkarsa Katwa, Ron Samaj president Sridharsa Dhalbhanjan, Shigli Samaj president Narayansa Badi, Betgeri Samaj president Ambasa R. Kabadi, Gadag Panch R.K. Habib, Gadag Essential Teachers’ Affiliation president Vasu Khode and J.H. Habib talked at the meeting and vowed their entire hearted backing to the new association. J.V. Bhandge invited and compered the system. T.R. Bhandge proposed a vote of much appreciated.
  • His two children chip away at the same area to develop sustenance crops like jowar and wheat. A month ago, his family got a notification from the Karnataka government reporting that his territory has been reserved for obtaining. Consequently to acquire the area, the legislature guaranteed Fakirappa the best of "winning business sector costs" per section of land and work for one individual from his crew. In Gadag region, the overarching business sector cost for prolific area is not more than 12 lakh for each section of land. Sky came smashing on Fakirappa, as he didn't need his kids to part with the area for cash. His conflict was that his kids would explode the cash in a couple of years and transform into horticultural workers. On the off chance that regardless they clutch the area, they can in any event guarantee a good dinner consistently.
  • There is a famous misguided judgment among administrators that agriculturists would effortlessly trade their territories for financial additions. Agriculturists, little or negligible, will dependably attempt to ensure their territories for different reasons - the first being that cultivating is their essential occupation. For them, area is equal to the All-powerful. There is additionally a typical conviction that agriculturists, who offer their territories, would not thrive.
  • Fakirappa's predicament is not a disconnected case. Crosswise over Karnataka, ranchers are agonized over their territories being informed for securing for mechanical activities. A large number of them in Bellary, Davanagere, Hubli-Dharwad, Mysore, Bangalore, Kolar, Gadag, Belgaum, Hassan, Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Tumkur regions have gotten area obtaining takes note. Yet, why secure grounds ahead of time for activities that are yet to be affirmed? The answer is that Boss Priest B S Yeddyurappa needs to make an 'area bank' to guarantee that speculators get the plots on a platter without confronting any issue identifying with obtaining.
  • It could be a visionary thought to charm financial specialists to set up ventures in the state. Be that as it may, what is stressing the ranchers is that ripe horticultural terrains are being told when a lot of non-arable area is lying unutilised. To add to the wretchedness of the ranchers, obtaining is a protracted procedure - in some cases extending more than 10 years. A larger part of the minor agriculturists rely on upon government-supported money related plans to raise crop credits. In any case, once the administration issues the preparatory notice for area obtaining, the proprietors of such terrains get to be ineligible for any bank credit.
  • No monetary foundation needs to loan to agriculturists whose terrains have been advised for securing. The same measuring stick applies to different types of credits, for example, ranch hardware advance, aquaculture, domesticated animals raising, horticulture and sericulture. In spite of the fact that there is no particular guideline, which limits banks from offering money related guide to such agriculturists, no bank needs to contribute on a rancher, who does not have area as guarantee! This issue of ranchers being denied credits has gotten to be intense in Bangalore and its surroundings, Mangalore, Udupi, Kolar, Tumkur and Bellary.
  • Unavoidably, the agriculturists are compelled to go to neighborhood moneylenders, crushing the administration's own one of a kind reason for directing such unapproved monetary substances. The pace at which the administration is attempting to obtain grounds hosts the Restriction gatherings suspecting injustice.