• Pawan Kalyan has met Group India previous skipper Kapil Dev and this meeting occurred incidentally at an inn in Gujarat where Pawan is shooting for his Sardar Gabbar Singh motion picture. It is accounted for that Kapil Dev has said to Pawan that he watched few of his movies and Pawan reacted by saying Kapil that he administrations to Indian Cricket can't be overlooked.
  • Powerstar Pawan Kalyan, who is in Gujarat shooting for his forthcoming film Sardaar Gabbar Singh, met one of the legends of Indian cricket Kapil Dev. The team reinforced well and traded merriments. As and soon Kapil Dev saw Pawan in the entryway of an inn, the cricketer went up to him and welcomed the on-screen character warmly. The 1983 World Container winning group captain likewise said that he viewed a number of Pawan's movies and appreciated them. The news has been uncovered by Sardaar Gabbar Singh group on their smaller scale blogging page. "#KapilDev saw #PSPK and welcomed him warmly and said he saw a considerable lot of his films and appreciated them," tweets the official page of Sardaar Gabbar Singh. All things considered, this is evidently a vital meeting for both the stars!
  • Hyderabad: Force Star Pawan kalyan, who is shooting in Vadodara for Saardar Sardaar Gabbar Singh chanced upon veteran cricketer Kapil Dev in Vadodara as of late. As indicated by reports, Kapil saw Pawan Kalyan in the inn and went up to him to broaden his welcome. The cricketer apparently educated the performing artist that he had viewed a couple of his movies, which came as a lovely astonish for the on-screen character.
  • Indeed, even as the pair shook hands and traded merriments, the performer's dear companion Sharrat Marar clicked a few pictures which are doing the rounds in a few online networking stages. In this uncommon minute caught only a while back, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan met the incredible Indian cricketer Kapil Dev in Baroda. Obviously, Kapil Dev first saw Pawan, strolled up to him and said he has observed some of his movies, much to the astonishment of Pawan and other people who were available at the spot. Interestingly, this is one uncommon and a valuable minute where Pawan himself requested a photo with anybody, said Sardaar's maker Sharrat Marar.
  • Pawan and his Sardaar Gabbar Singh group are at present shooting for a broad timetable in Baroda, Gujarat. Force Star Pawan Kalyan couldn't asking his companion Sharrath Marar to click a photo of his with unbelievable cricketer Kapil Dev, when he as of late caught him at a star lodging in Vadodara.
  • Pawan Kalyan is at present caught up with shooting for "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" in Gujrat. Kapil Dev evidently saw the Force Star in the lodging. Welcoming him, the cricketer said he had observed some of his movies. The on-screen character, who was just as excited to meet the legend, requested that Sharrath Marar click a photograph as he shook his hand with the cricketer.
  • A large number of fans and celebs dream to bring a photo with Pawan Kalyan, however the on-screen character has never requested a photograph with anybody on any event. Sharrath Marar, who is delivering "Sardaar Gabbar Singh", was amazed when the performing artist asked for to him to take a photograph of his with Kapil Dev. The excited maker took to his Twitter page on sunday morning to impart the news to his devotees. Sharrath Marar ‏tweeted: "Imparting a vital minute to all. I was witness to @PawanKalyan meeting the unbelievable Kapil Dev. Kapil Dev stopped when he saw #PSPK and welcomed him warmly and said that he saw a hefty portion of #PSPK movies and appreciated them (sic)."
  • Sharrath Marar additionally posted several photographs highlighting Pawan Kalyan with Kapil Dev. He further composed, "@PawanKalyan pleasently astounded me by soliciting me to click a photo from them two together. I don't recollect some other event when #PSPK has requested photo with somebody. #KapilDev. It was genuinely a warm and vital meeting (sic)." Pawan Kalyan kick-began the 25-day timetable of "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" in Gujarat on 15 November. Sharrath Marar tweeted two photographs tackled the set and composed, "Sardaar strolls into join the #SardaarGabbarSingh Group for yet one more day of shoot at Gujrat. #PSPK Sardaar in a talk with his companion and Imaginative Head of #SardaarGabbarSingh, Harish Pai(sic)."
  • Concerning, Pawan was staying in a lodging ,in which even Kapil Dev was sitting tight. So this amazement meet occurred, after Pawan seen Kapil in the inn. Allegedly, Kapil halted in the wake of seeing Pawan strolling towards him. The on-screen character cum government official clarified about his adoration towards Kapil, since adolescence. A couple say that, Pawan said that, he created interest towards cricket, simply because of Kapil Dev.
  • Then again, even Kapil Dev said that, he viewed a couple of Pawan Kalyan motion pictures and delighted in them completely. Subsequent to talking for quite a while, Pawan himself requested a snap with Kapil, and the photographs above are the confirmation for it.
  • Talking about that minute, Kapil Dev said, "I never heard Pawan Kalyan asking anyone, requesting a snap. I am really upbeat that he did it to me." At present, these pics became a web sensation in the online networking and Pawan fans are commending the occasion, viewing their golden calf, with one of the best legends of Cricket.
  • Only a 2 months prior, Allu Arjun met Kapil Dev and now Pawan Kalyan meeting the fanciful cricketer, is really an essential minute for all the uber fans. Powerstar Pawan Kalyan dropped into fabulous cricketer Kapil Dev, at a lodging in Vadodora and he was excited to meet him. "Imparting a vital minute to all. I was witness to @PawanKalyan meeting the incredible Kapil Dev.", Sharrath Marrar, a nearby partner and the maker of the performer's up and coming film Sardaar Gabbar Singh, shared on twitter. Actually it is Kapil Dev, who welcome Pawan Kalyan and communicated love for his movies.
  • "Kapil Dev delayed when he saw #PSPK and welcomed him warmly and said that he saw large portions of #PSPK movies and delighted in them.", Marrar educated. Sharing an intriguing tit bit, "I don't recall some other event when #PSPK has requested photo with somebody. #KapilDev. It was really a warm and vital meeting.", the maker included. The on-screen character fans were excited to know their most loved early show icon's most loved crickter and were all glad taking a gander at the significant pictures shared by Sharrath.
  • Here's a noteworthy snippet of two stars from two totally distinctive expert universes meeting one another and trading merriments. In this uncommon minute, Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is seen shaking hands with Indian cricket legend Kapil Dev at a star lodging in Vadodara. The two legends chanced upon one another as of late and Pawan's dear companion Sharrat Marar clicked this photo. Clearly, Kapil, as he saw Pawan Kalyan, went up to him to welcome him. The fanciful cricketer even uncovered that he observed some of Pawan's movies. Pawan is as of now shooting for Sardaar Gabbar Singh in Vadodara in Gujarat, the heartland of his 2014 partner Narendra Modi. This real timetable is relied upon to be proceeded for two or three weeks more.