• The city of Chennai is all around associated via Air, rail and street courses. At Chennai, we have Global and Residential Air terminals encouraging the general population from everywhere throughout the world to achieve the city with ease.Chennai have two Railroad Terminals encouraging the developments of North south, east and west bound trains.Large number of Government and Private transports are handling in the middle of Chennai and other major cities.Chennai is understood for neighborliness where convenience is accessible to suit the tote of all strolls of individuals .. from dormitary to Five Star Lodgings. A wide range of sustenances are likewise accessible.
  • Chennai: Executive Narendra Modi on Monday requested the quick arrival of Rs.940 crore towards alleviation and rebuilding work in Tamil Nadu, which confronted broad harm to life and property in the upper east storm. Modi, who is in Malaysia to go to the East Asia Summit, was following up on a solicitation for Rs.2,000 crore help looked for by Tamil Nadu boss pastor J. Jayalalithaa on Monday. The state government has pegged the misfortunes at Rs.8,481 crore. "The prerequisite of assets for prompt salvage and alleviation and the makeshift and perpetual reclamation of framework has been worked out at Rs.8,481 crores taking all things together," the boss clergyman said in a reminder looking for help from the National Debacle Reaction Reserve and other focal assets.
  • Jayalalithaa had effectively authorized Rs.500 crore towards the alleviation and recovery of the general population influenced in the state. She said the assets required are well past the assets accessible with the state, including the State Debacle Reaction Store. Modi has likewise consented to Jayalalithaa's interest for a focal group to be dispatched to the state to survey the harm and discharge stores for help.
  • The state government has affirmed the demise of 169 individuals in the upper east storm that started in October. Framework, including streets and extensions, tempest water waste frameworks, water supply and sewerage frameworks and power supply frameworks has been battered in numerous regions. "More than 4 lakh individuals were moved to alleviation camps and gave sustenance and safe house," the boss pastor noted in the reminder. "The administrations of the National Catastrophe Reaction Power, Armed force, Flying corps, Naval force and the Coast Gatekeeper were demanded wherever the need was felt. I thank you for the quickness in the dispatch of these strengths."
  • A profound sorrow of high power shaped over the Narrows of Bengal that hit the Tamil Nadu coast close Marakkanam on 10 November bringing on overwhelming downpours, especially in the four northern beach front locale of Cuddalore, Kancheepuram, Chennai and Tiruvallur. Chennai got the second heaviest month to month precipitation recorded in the past over 100 years in simply the initial 20 days of November, while Neyveli got 43.7cm of precipitation on 9 November alone. Your headings begin from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. Furthermore, Thiruverkadu, Tamil Nadu, India is the spot you have to reach.
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  • Chennai: A few sections of Tamil Nadu and neighboring Puducherry kept on getting downpours on Sunday and the India meteorological division (MeT) office cautioned that more rains are normal in the following 24 hours as the trough of low weight in the Narrows of Bengal moved close Kanyakumari Ocean. The toll in downpour related occurrences since the onset of the upper east storm a month ago rose to 122 on Sunday with the passing of a 27-year-old man in a building breakdown, police said. "The trough of low weight has moved westwards close Kanyakumari and beach front locale will get substantial to overwhelming precipitation throughout the following 24 hours", chief of Territorial Meteorological Center, S.R. Ramanan said. For the city and its neighborhood, the gauge would be overcast while there may be direct precipitation in maybe a couple places, he said.
  • Ilumbur in Pudukottai area got overwhelming precipitation of 9 cm starting 8.30 am on Sunday, he said. Puducherry recorded 7 cm. In the Otteri region in the city, a somewhat destroyed building broken down and fell on an adjoining building, slaughtering a man and harming a lady, police said. Schools and universities are set to revive on Monday in the three connecting locale of Chennai, Kancheepuram and Thiruvallur subsequent to staying shut for almost ten days in perspective of the storm fierceness.
  • Notwithstanding, In Puducherry, where substantial downpours proceeded during that time severely influencing ordinary life, the legislature announced an occasion for all schools for Monday. In the interim, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pioneer and Union trade priest Nirmala Sitharaman, on a two-day voyage through the downpour hit territories in Tamil Nadu, said she would compose a letter to the state government on the effect of downpours on the industrials units. "I am truly tormented to see the (mechanical) units have been extremely hit. Certainly I will bring it up with the legislature of India. Initially, I will bring it up with commercial enterprises clergyman", she told correspondents subsequent to going to marooned modern units in Ambattur Mechanical Bequest.
  • "Alongside the points of interest gave to me, I will compose a letter in subtle element to the boss priest (J. Jayalalithaa) on the effect of the precipitation", she said. "It requires a major stride to restore. We will step in a manner that the water-logged units work typically", she said. A report from Tirunelveli said the Adavinayinar Dam came to its most extreme water level of 132 feet taking after downpours authorities have begun discharging surplus water. Tamil Nadu Congress Advisory group president E.V.K.S. Elangovan, on a visit to Tiruneveli, condemned boss pastor Jayalalithaa for not investing adequate energy in specifically going by the surge influenced territories to evaluate the harm.