• Deferral in area obtaining and non-execution of a contractual worker are said to be the significant purposes behind the Chennai Metro Rail missing its due date. Noting an inquiry in the Lok Sabha, the Union Priest for Urban Improvement Venkaiah Naidu said the first date of fruition was Walk 2015, yet because of area securing postponements and non-execution of a temporary worker prompting re-tendering, the undertaking missed this due date.
  • Be that as it may, the answer itself displayed two distinct due dates for the task. It expressed that the "normal timetable of fruition" as December 2016 and the "endorsed date of culmination" as December 2017. The re-tendering work here alludes to the end of the agreement of Gammon India by Chennai Metro Rail after its accomplice, Russian firm Mosmetrostroy, relinquished the venture. The agreement was ended because of late advance of work. Not long after the end, Chennai Metro Rail Restricted (CMRL) glided crisp tenders for the work.
  • Chennai Metro Rail, assessed to cost Rs. 14,600 crore, sprawls more than 45 km of the city. Of this, 24 km will be underground and the remaining 21 km hoisted. As such, Rs. 6,597 crore has been discharged more than three years for this undertaking. The stage I augmentation of Chennai Metro Rail from Washermanpet to Wimco Nagar was allowed endorse just as of late.
  • The expansion, anticipated that would cost around Rs. 3,700 crore, is a 9-km extend that runs somewhat underground and is halfway raised. CMRL is currently concluding specialists for this stretch. The principal train, controlled by two woman drivers, began from Alandur and made a beeline for Koyambedu, a 10.1-km stretch which takes an hour by street. The train covers the separation in 19 minutes, with a 30-second stop at every station. The administration would be from 6 am to midnight.
  • Rail stations were likened to film corridors, as an energized open attempted to snatch tickets. The base charge is Rs 10 and the full passage for the whole extend is Rs 40. Extraordinary class tolls are twofold. For the same full extend, a city transport charges Rs 11; for an aerated and cooled one, Rs 30 a traveler. Following quite a while of instability and case on the fate of the Chennai Metro Rail, the Madras High Court a week ago permitted Chennai Metro Rail Restricted to call for crisp offers to embrace burrowing works and proceed with operations. In any case, contrasts between the Middle and the Tamil Nadu state government over subsidizing could see the culmination of the task being deferred further.
  • Chennai Metro, which started operations on June 29, encountered an emergency after one of the contractual workers hauled out of the joint endeavor. In 2011, Gammon India alongside its Russian joint endeavor accomplice Mosmetrostroy had won an agreement worth Rs 1947 crore,to plan and build seven underground stations for Chennai Metro Rail. In any case, Mosmetrostroy quit burrowing operations over a 18-km underground extend. It additionally left the joint endeavor with Gammon India. Near 90% of the work was finished on the Saidapet-Gemini stretch while 70% of work was done in the LIC-Thousand Lights stage when the Russian organization ceased work.
  • The improvement constrained Chennai Metro to end the agreement and call for new offers, however Gammon India tested that move in the Madras High Court. A week ago the Madras High Court permitted Chennai Metro to proceed with another delicate to pick a temporary worker for burrowing works. Chennai Metro then connected with Afcons Foundation Ltd to finish the unfinished work. " CMRL connected with another contractual worker for the equalization works which has now been finished effectively", a CMRL official said.
  • Despite the fact that Chennai Metro has been permitted to call for crisp offers, the court has asked both the organization and Gammon India to referee the question. It didn't promptly clear up whether Gammon India could put new offers. Indeed, even as the legitimate tangle is determined, the Focal Government and the Tamil Nadu state government are having contrasts over financing for the expansion of the task. The Chennai Metro Rail Constrained, a joint endeavor of Administration of India and Legislature of Tamil Nadu requires backing on certain key arrangement issues from the Focal government, other than subsidizing.
  • At the focal point of the debate is the subject of who is to reserve the venture development. The expansion of passage I of Chennai Metro Rail Venture up to Thiruvottriyur and Wimco Nagar, covering a separation of 9.051 km, at an expected upgraded culmination expense of Rs 2796 crore has been proposed to the Administration of India for endorsement. State government authorities say they had looked for an endorsement from the Service of Urban Advancement for extra subsidizing for the development. "In any case, we were stunned to get a letter dated 23.7.2015 from the Service that as the proposition speaks to a change of extension, the whole cost ought to be subsidized by the state government itself," Tamil Nadu boss clergyman wrote in a letter to Head administrator Narendra Modi.
  • The Tamil Nadu government has contended that it was not right to anticipate that the state government will bear the expense while keeping up the Inside's value offer in the venture undiluted. "It disregards the soul of co-agent federalism. This is additionally absolutely in opposition to the stand taken on account of the expansion proposition of other Metro railroads," Jayalalithaa said in her correspondence.
  • In the interim, the Chennai Metro, in spite of having been in operation for more than two months, has not pulled in much consideration in light of the fact that the operational stretch is inconsequential for every day suburbanites. The operational line of 10 km that interfaces Koyambedu and Alandur does not cover zones of major mechanical or business importance and stands disconnected in the plan of things until the whole R14, 600 crore task is finished. On weekdays, around 40,000 travelers drive on the stretch, while on the weekends this goes up to 1-2 lakh travelers, for the most part in light of the fact that individuals need to experience the new Metro Rail. Be that as it may, the traveler inflow on the weekend is likewise encountering an abatement.