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  • A tempest surge of around 3 to 4.5 feet far beyond the standard tide developments is required to immerse low lying territories of Nellore, Prakasham, Guntur and Krishna regions at the season of landfall. The profound sorrow over the Cove of Bengal would heighten into a cyclonic tempest and cross the coast in the middle of Chennai and Ongole tomorrow night, the Indian Meteorological Division said here on Wednesday. Violent wind "Helen" would cross the south Andhra Pradesh coast close Kavali on the night of November 21, the IMD said.

  • The profound discouragement over west-focal Sound of Bengal would strengthen into a cyclonic tempest in the following couple of hours and to an extreme cyclonic tempest in the following 24 hours, it said. Moving west-northwestwards for quite a while and after that west southwestwards, it would cross south Andhra Pradesh and abutting north Tamil Nadu coasts in the middle of Chennai and Ongole near Kavali around the night of November 21, the IMD said.

  • IMD further cautioned of overwhelming to substantial precipitation at a couple places with segregated to a great degree substantial precipitation over beach front Andhra Pradesh from Wednesday onwards. Squally winds with rate of 55-65 kmph blasting to 75 kmph would win along and off north Andhra Pradesh and north Tamil Nadu and Puducherry coasts, it said, including ocean conditions would be high along and off Andhra Pradesh coast. Ceaseless overwhelming precipitation - brought about by the misery in the Inlet of Bengal over the Tamil Nadu coast - battering the Chittoor, Kadapa and Nellore locale since Sunday morning, tossed ordinary life out of rigging in all the three areas on Monday.

  • All waterways, rivulets and channels in the three regions were in spate on Monday and a huge number of lakes, tanks and other water bodies were flooding. The waterways in spate included Swarnamukhi and Kalangi in Chittoor region, Gunjaneru (a current close Railroad Kodur) in Kadapa area and Pennar in the Nellore locale. The overflowed streams in Chittoor area included Pamula, Nagulakaluva. The downpour seriously influenced Tirupati, Tirumala, Srikahasti, Puttur and Nagari towns and a few towns in Buchinaidu Kandriga, Varadaiahpalem, Thottambedu, KVB Puram, Narayanavanam, Pichatur and Satyavedu mandals of eastern Chittoor in Chittoor area, a few towns and towns in Railroad Kodur and Rajampet mandals in Kadapa locale and a few towns in Degapudi, Veerampalle, Gudali and Podalakuru mandals in Nellore region.

  • In Tirupati, while the downpour water immersed a few low-lying ranges, for example, Subhash Nagar, Lakshmi Puram, Chandrasekhar Reddy Collony, Madhava Nagar and Kranthi Nagar, numerous under-extensions were under 5 ft of water. The movement on the Tirupati-Tirumala Ghat Streets went to a pounding stop. Street repair takes a shot at the Second Ghat Street at the spots which were as of late hit via avalanches, must be surrendered. In close-by Srikalahasti, the flooding water from the overwhelmed Swarnakmukhi stream went into a few houses in the low lying territories, creating untold wretchedness to the occupants, furthermore the acclaimed Srikalahasti sanctuary. The water from the Swarnamukhi waterway was additionally flooded out and about at Mukkoti in Chandragiri mandal in the region upsetting vehiclular activity. Around 1,600 individuals were emptied to more secure spots.

  • Then, watering system ventures in the locale got overwhelming inflow of water. While the Araniar Medium Watering system Undertaking, based on Stream Aruna in Pichatur mandal, got an inflow of 1,400 mcft, the Krishnapuram venture in Karvetinagaram mandal got an inflow of 199.39 mcft of water pegged at 1800 cusecs and the Swarnamukhi anicut got an inflow of 37,850 cusecs. A few tanks ruptured and immersed adjacent towns, prompting submergence of Tirupati-Railroad Kodur roadway, BN Kandriga-Satyavedu street and Yerpedu-Venkatagiri thruway.

  • A few tanks and channels in Chittoor region were likewise flooding with water. The Amudala Tank in Palasamudram mandal was broken and the flooding water from the tank overwhelmed around 10 towns. Koppedu Trench in Nindra mandal was likewise in spate. Around 2,000 tanks against aggregate 5,463 were completely loaded with downpour water and another 2,000 tanks were filled three-fourth and the staying 1,463 tanks were filled half , as indicated by Chittoor Region Watering system Office SE R Sriramakrihsna. The conduits were lifted and water was discharged at 17 minor watering system ventures in the region, he said and included that two conduits of the Kalangi repository were washed away in the surge water. Four towns were immersed by the surge water from the Kalangi store, he further said. Gatherer Siddharth Jain reported red alarm over the locale for the following four days and designated region authorities as uncommon onlookers to screen the circumstance. Region Instruction Officer K Samuel reported occasion for schools and other instructive foundations on Tuesday. Locale CPO Ch Bhaskar Sarma said that the Sound gloom impact would proceed for the following two days.

  • Then, the Railroad Kodur and Rajampet bodies electorate in Kadapa locale were gravely affected by the substantial downpour which proceeded on the second day on Monday. Every one of the tanks and rivulets were overflowing with downpour water. Around 100 houses were immersed with surge water from the Gunjaneru waterway close Railroad Kodur. Around 20 houses were washed away in the surge water in the region. Upwards of 50 mandals in the locale got overwhelming precipitation since Sunday - Railroad Kodur got the most elevated precipitation of 17 cm in the region.

  • The movement between Railroad Kodur and Chitveli stopped as 10 ft of water was flooding on the Gunjaneru span in Railroad Kodur town. Policheruvu and Chakramadugu Cheruvu close Rajampet town were flooding. A lady was suffocated in Maditadu tank in Sundupalle mandal of the locale.

  • In Nellore area, with the deluge proceeding on Monday, a few tanks were broken - the vast majority of them in the Gudur division - prompting interruption of vehicular movement to a few towns. Then, with the Meteorological Division foreseeing that overwhelming precipitation would proceed for an additional four days, the region organization has set up help camps to move the influenced individuals from in low lying ranges.

  • The locale organization is expecting substantial inflows into the Somasila Supply taking after overwhelming precipitation in the upstream zones of the waterway. In Nellore city, regions like Babu Jagjeevan Ram Province, Padarupalli, Baktavatchala Nagar and Vengala Rao Nagar turned as channels and in a few spots individuals were seen swimming in the water. Movement was upset in territories like Gandhi Statue, VRC and Stone House Pet, while the fundamental RTC Transport Stand was immersed with four feet water. Naidu Advises NDRF to be Arranged for Salvage Work

  • Vijayawada: Taking supply of the devastation brought on by the overwhelming precipitation lashing the southern locale of Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur and Prakasam affected by melancholy in Cove of Bengal, Boss Pastor N Chandrababu Naidu has coordinated the authorities worried to stretch out vital help to the general population on a war-balance. Tending to the gatherers of the six locale through a video meeting from Vijayawada on Monday, the boss clergyman guided NDRF work force to be on standby for salvage and alleviation operations in downpour influenced territories. He requested that the gatherers take measures to guarantee that tanks are not broke and to take up repairs on a need on the off chance that they ruptured. He needed an exceptional officer to be posted at the water bodies to screen the circumstance. He enquired about the surge circumstance in Chittoor locale where minor waterways and streams are in spate. Kalinga and Krishnapuram repositories are filled past limit. Without precedent for the most recent 15 years, all the water bodies in Tirumala, including Akasa Ganga, Gogarbham, Kalyani are full. Overwhelming inflows of surge water to Somasila Repository were accounted for. The CM requested that the authorities list the misfortunes at the soonest. Naidu was educated that streams and waterways in Kadapa are in spate and the street availability between Railroad Kodur in Kadapa locale and Tirupati has been cut off. Authorities were approached to take up measures for quick rebuilding of street network. Naidu opined that the downpour will help the standing yields in Prakasam and Anantapur regions.

  • Hyderabad: Vehicular activity on the Mumbai-Nellore national thruway ground to a halt on Thursday as substantial downpours lashing Nellore locale of Andhra Pradesh ruptured the street, authority said. With water flooding their homes, individuals in Vasili and Kolagatla towns in Atmakur mandal burrowed a piece of the national expressway to clear a path for surge water.

  • Many vehicles were stranded on both sides. Authorities were finding a way to redirect the movement through Kadapa. Andhra Pradesh Civil Organization Clergyman P. Narayana said the national expressway will be restored by the night as surges are relied upon to retreat. Unremitting downpours in the locale circumscribing Tamil Nadu over most recent three days immersed a few towns in Atmakur mandal. Tanks and waterways in the locale were flooding, slicing goes dirt road romping to the towns. In Gudur division, no less than 20 towns were sliced off because of flooding of Kaivalya waterway taking after overwhelming downpours.

  • The downpours and subsequent surges were brought about by a profound gloom over the Narrows of Bengal which crossed close to the Tamil Nadu-Puducherry coast on November 9. The downpours harmed houses, streets and extensions and disturbed transport, power and correspondence in parts of Nellore area. In the wake of being battered and wounded by downpours throughout the last fortnight, Nellore recoiled at news that there was yet another low weight region framing in the Straight of Bengal and that the meteorologist was determining substantial precipitation in the following two days. ‪‪