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S.Karthika, P.S.R Rengasamy College Of engineering For Women
This training is very useful to me .I have a confident to place anyone company in this field.Very thankful to whole company staffs and specially Venkat sir.
T.G.Vaithianathaan, Anna University Trichy
It is very useful for my career .It was really best.
M.Sinduja, Velammal engineering College
It was a fruitful session for the 15 days that I attended. Hope this continues and we will attend the next level too.
C.Vallikkannu, Velammal engineering College
It was the right time that I attented into the right company .An awesome and fruitful experience with recap on basics of all subjects.
C.Vallikkannu, Velammal engineering College
This training was really very useful for me.I impressed myself in the technical knowledge .I had a great time here sir.Thanks a lot sir.
M.Archana, SKR engineering College
This training was really very useful for me.I impressed myself in the technical knowledge .I had a great time here sir.Thanks a lot sir.
G.Dhanalaksmi, Trichy engineering College
This session is really good and useful.Thanks to venkat sir and whole team in kaashiv infotech.
J.Parthasarathy, Jeyam college of engg & tech
I don't have words to describe , but this training sculptured me.
V.Bharathi, J.K.K.N.C.E.T
Sir,your teaching and communication is very well sir, still now I have no improvement but now I am very feet.i learn very I am changed my activites.thank u sir.
S.Shanthana, PSV engineering College
Excellent training that we can't get any where. Thanks a lot sir it helps us very much.
S.Janani, Jayalakshmi institute of tech
Past 8 days we have enjoyed a lot and improved our performance.we really gathered lot of knowledge and useful solving aptitude question we feel surely we will achieve our target by ur training sir.
T.S.Shaniba, Mahendra engg college for women
Before came here, I was very shy to speak english even I know english. Ur training was very good. Because of ur training, I knew what's my position it was very useful to know the basic step of dbms and networking like that it was very helpful to get idea about aps solution.
M.Hemalatha, Anna university of techology, Tiruchirappalli
It's been a great opportunity to be a part of this training we have gained lot of things from this training we have come to know how to improve our self for our career. Surely we will perform our best in the upcoming levels also.
T.P.Priyanka, Indian engineering College
I feel ur classes are very good all the sessions were superb u are really great to do such a wonderful thing really I am thankful to u.
M.Sabarinadhan, J.K.K.Nataraja college of engg and tech
ur teaching is very good. I learn so many points in this training. It's very useful for in my carrier life.
T.A.Sankar, Jeyam College of engineering
Sir, I first of allthankul to u and ur kaaashiv infotech team because u provided unexpensives matters for our future. I request u please inform me for the next Training.
M.M.Sethulakshmi , Indian engineering College
I feel this section is very good. And its very useful to us. From this section, we learnt more and we can improve our knowledge a lot. Your presentation is very nice and u try to make us the best . So thanking for u.
G.Kalaiselvi, Jayalakshmi Institute of tech
Ur teaching is good. Ur teaching method and carriersense is so good . I learnt more things from ur teaching.
G.Mareeswari, P.S.R Rengasamy College Of engineering For Women.
After attending this training my subject knowledge as well as general knowledge about our society have been improved a lot.My confident level is also considerably increased .Really your training is very useful for me.Thank you.
P.Mythili, Velammal engineering College.
It was too good. Very effective never attended training like this before. I have learnt a lot. It made me know where I stand.Thankyou all.